2024 1.Halbjahr

9. Jan.

Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones: Yorkshire wassailing song (Wesselbobs)
Muireann Bradley: Shake Sugaree ( I Kept These Old Blues)
James Elkington: Burial at sea ( Me Neither)
Malcolm MacWatt: The Nightjar’s Fall From Grace (Dark Harvest)
Grey DeLisle: I like the way you think I think (She‘s an angel)
Session Americana: Helena(The rattle and the clatter)
Nick Hart & Tom Moore: Raggle taggle gypsies (The Colour of Amber)
Dougie Poole: Nothing on this earth can make me smile (Rainbow wheel if death)
Duncan Chisholm: To the high mountains (Black Cuillin)
Dominique Fils-Aime: Our Roots Run Deep (our roots run deep)
Xylouris White: Tails of time (The Forest in Me)
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: If you insist (Weathervanes)
Mireya Ramos & The Poor Choices: Blue Bayou (Sin Fronteras)

23. Januar

You are Wolf: Twa Magicians (hare hunter moth goth)
You Re Wolf: Hare song 1
Martyn Joseph: Alberts Place (This is what I want to say)
Martyn Joseph: The ballad of William Worthy (Days of decision: A tribute to Phil Ochs)
Charles Wesley Godwin: All again (Family ties)
Alice Di Micele: Over my head (Interpretations Volume 1)
Vanessa Peters: Out to sea (Flying on instruments)
Dawn Riding: Hold on (You‘re still here)
Cedarsmoke: Goodnight Marianne (The Great and the terrible)
Jude Brothers: practicing silence /looking for water! (Render tender / blue sunder)
Ro?na?n O? Snodaigh & Myles O’Reilly: Sin sin (The Beautiful Road)
Ashley McBryde: 6th of October (The devil I know)
Lau Noah: Lesser men would call it love (A dos)

08. Februar

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: The Poacher (Skin and bone)
Watersons: The Poacher‘s Fate (A Yorkshire Garland)
Albion Country Band: Gallant Poacher (Battle of the field)
Robin Williamson: Poachers Song
Critics Group: Keepers and poachers (Waterloo, Peterloo)
Fairport Convention: Eynsham poacher (Bonny bunch of roses)
Young Tradition: Henry the poacher
Ronnie Lane: The Poacher (Kuschty Rye: The singles 1973 – 1980)
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Poachers Fate (Many a thousand)
Jim Moray: Delighted /The Lincolnshire Poacher (Revenge of the Folksingers)Steeleye Span: The bold poachers
Jack Rutter: Sledmere Poachers (Gold of scar & shale)
Jim Moray: Rufford park poachers (Low culture)
America: Political poachers
Poachers: She walks in beauty (single)

5. März

Hurray for the Riff Raff: Hawkmoon (The past is still alive)
Corb Lund: Insh‘Allah (El Viejo)
Phoebe Rees: Take back the night (BRING IN THE LIGHT)
Heather Little: Bones (By now)
Giulia Millanta: I dance my way (Only Luna knows)
Larry Murray: When I see Jamie (Sweet country suite)
High Hawks: Somewhere south (Mother nature‘s show)
Katherine Priddy: returning (The pendulum swing)
Katherine Priddy: First house on the left (The pendulum swing)
Amigo The Devil: The Mechanic (Yours until the war is over)
New Lost City Ramblers: Louisville Burglar
Alan Hull: We can swing together (Singing A Song In The Morning Light The Legendary Demo Tapes 1967-1970)
Amelia White: Lost myself (Love I swore)
P.J. Proby: Linda Lu (Ep Collection)

20 Februar

Willi Carlisle: Dry country dust (Critterland)
Sarah Jarosz: Runaway Train (Polaroid lovers)lle
William Elliott Whitmore: Bunker built for two (Silently, the mind breaks)
Niall McCabe: November Swell (Rituals)
John Leventhal:That‘s all I know about Arkansas (Rumble strip)
Project Smok: Folex (The outset)
Colby T. Helms: Mountain Brandy (Tales of Misfortune)
Holler Choir: Ain‘t too soon (Songs before they write themselves)
Lauren Collier: Kouman nou ye (Uddevalla )
Sue Decker: Cheatin side of town (Keeping time)
Jenny Sturgeon and Boo Hewerdine: Salvage (Outlier)

19. März
Special: New Black Roots Music

Aida Victoria: Whole world knows (A southern gothic)
Amythyst Kiah: Fanc Drones (Fracture me)
Birds of Chicago: Lodestar (Love in wartime)
Crys Matthews: Time machine (Changemakers)
Jake Blount: Once there was no sun (The new faith)
Joy Oladokun: The hard way (aproof of life)
Kaia Kater: Heavenly track (Grenades)
Miko Marks: Trouble (Feel like going home)
Our Native Daughters: Slave driver (Songs of Our Native Daughters)
Carolina Chocolate Drops: Starry crown (Dona gota ramblin mind)
Tre Burt: Carnival mirror (You, yeah, you)
War and Treaty: Up yonder (Lover‘s game)

02. April

Marry Waterson & Adrian Crowley: Undear Sphere (Cuckoo Storm)
Charlie Parr: Boombox (Little Sun)
Hedge & Donna: I want you to want me (aka Love)
The Northern Belle: Merchant navy Hotel (Bats in the attic)
Josh Fortenbery: Nepotism (No such thing as forever)
Dion: American hero (Girl friends)
Dion: Ruby Baby (The road I‘m on)
Jon Langford: For the queen of hearts (Where it really starts)
Serious Sam Barrett: Last of the Yorkshire outlaws (A drop of the morning dew)
Amigo the Devil: I hope your husband dies (Everything is fine)
Amigo the Devil: Dahmer does Hollywood (1st)
Terry Allen: Redbird (Cowboy and the stranger)
Dick Gaughan: Let it be me (Redwood Cathedral)
Gilbert Becaud: Je t‘appartiens (Paroles)

16. April

Jim White: If Jesus drove a motorhome (Drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see)
Pretty Things: London town (EP)
Bart Moore: Comanche land (Wild Flora)
Ruth Moody: Twilight (Wanderer)
Wailin Jennys: Wildflowers (Fifteen)
Leyla McCalla: Give yourself a break (Sun without the heat)
Leyla McCalla: Take me away (Sun without the heat)
Small Town Jones: The mist and the light (Kintsugi)
RANT: NewYork Jig (Spin)
Buffal Skinners: Sonny song (Picking up what you‘re putting down)
Scott H. Biram: Dig a hole/Big liar (The one and only Scott H. biram)
Aife O‘Donovan: The lonesome death if Hattie Carroll (All my friends)

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