04 Jan 2000 Grateful Dead: Uncle John’s BandLeftover Salmon: Troubled TimeString Cheese Incident: Resume ManOld and in the way: Wicked path of sonSCI.How mountain girls can loveSCI: Good times around the bendTim O’Brien: Land’s endSCI: Land’s endSCI: 100 year floodSteve Kinnock: Steel guitar ragLOS. Dance on your headSCI: Road homeMother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions: In the jailhouse nowBill Monroe: Blue Yodel No. 9SCI: MLTAdditional songs:Ned Sublette: Ghost RidersVolebeats: ShanonAndy Roberts:Gig SongAndy Roberts:HomegrownTom Russell: Sitting Bull in VeniceCoal Porters: Don’t fence me in 30 Mai 2000 Jazz n Country01. Jimmy Rodgers: Gambling Bar Room Blues02. Bob Wills: Big Beaver03. Bill Monroe: 16 Back or push04. Django Reinhardt: Out of nowhere05. Grisman, Garcia: Thrill is gone06. Bad Livers: 8 National blues07. Bill Frisell: Gimme a holer08. Bill Frisell: Keep your eyes open09. Bela Fleck: First light10. Bela Fleck: System Seven11. PVC: 1 Home in San Antone12. Devil in a woodpile: Whistle gait13. […]