07 Jan 2004 Scott Miller: Second chance (Upside downside)Eric Westbury: Wise man watching (Burnt Tongues and blue truths)Joan Baez: Caleb Meyer (Dark chords on a big guitar)Steve Earle: Christmas in Washington (Just an american boy)Great Speckled Bird: Long long time to get old / Rio grande (same title – 1969)DM Bob and the Deficits: Name game (Cajun Creole Hot nuts)South San Gabriel: Ninety secretaries down (Songs/Music)Mekons: Work all week / The building / Never been in a riot (Punk Rock)Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel: White birch (Oh the stories we hold)David Childers: Room#23 (Room #23)Missouri: Every single day ( it’s a glow-in-in-the-dark good time) 21 Jan 2004 Gourds: Are you ready for the country? (live)Rick Shea: Summerwine (Our Shangri-La)Eagle-Eye Cherry, Vernon Reid & James Blood Ulmer: Down in Mississippi ((VA. The soul of a man)Richard Dobson: A river will do (a river will do)Richard Dobson: Homemade kites (a river will do)Magokura […]