10 Januar 2023

Big Thief: Spud Infinity (Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You)
Lovin Spoonful: Rain on the roof
Ralph Hart: Ain‘t no grave gonna hold my body down (Hillbillies in hell Vol. 3)
B.B. Stevenson: Shambala (My Maria) texas country rock my maria pop hit
Shovel Dance Company: II; Camera flash on the Deptford foreshore, The Rolling Waves, crashing spring waves by the Cutty Sark (The water is the shovel of the shore)
Shovel Dance Company: I; Thames waters off Greenland Dock, The Weary Whaling Grounds (The water is the shovel of the shore)
Mary Wallopers: Lots of little soldiers (st)
Mary Wallopers: All for me grog (st)
SallyTimms: Butcher‘s boy ( Somebody‘s rockin my dreamboat)
Tarren: Spring Polkas (Revel)
Tarren: Srigs of the time (Revel)
Trevor Beales: Tell Me Now (Fireside Stories (Hebden Bridge circa 1971-1974))
Trevor Beales: Braziliana (Fireside Stories (Hebden Bridge circa 1971-1974))

24 Januar 2023

Plainsong: Amelia Earhart‘s last flight (Norderstedt, 4.09.2012)
Paul siebel: Louise
Plainsong: Louise (Folk Fairport, 25.04.1972)
Jim and Jesse: Diesel on my trail
Plainsong: Diesel on my trail (LP)
Plainsong: Call the tune
Steve Miller: Quicksilver girl
Cat Stevens: How can i tell you
Plainsong: Side roads
Rick cunha: Yo Yo man im
Plainsong: Yo Yo Man (Utrecht, Radio M, 1997)
Judy Henske and Jerry Yester: Raider (Farewell Aldebaran)
Plainsong: Raider
Joni Mitchell: Amelia (Hejira)

07 Februar 2023

Tom Ovans: Jesus wears a sixgun (The cure)
Bombadils: Records and Rent (Dear friend)
Charlie Sutton: Heroine of the Plains (Phantom Drifter)
Maglory Dengluch: Curragh of Kildare (st)
Angela Perley: Star Dreamer (Turn me loose)
Steve Dawson: Small Town talk (Eyes closed, dreaming)
Bobby Charles: Full moon on the bayou
Steve Dawson: House carpenter
Bob Dylan: House Carpenter (Bootleg Series 1-3)
Dylan: Bootleg Series Vol.17: Fragments
Bob Dylan: Cold irons bound (Remix)
Bob Dylan: The water is wide
Bob Dylan: Cold irons bound (Oslo 2000)

21 Februar 2023

Irene Kelley: Six feet down (Snow white memories)
Joe Henry: Karen Dalton (All the eye can see)
Karen Dalton: Same old man (In my own time)
One Adam One: Living between the lines
Nadine: Ready to go (Downtown, Saturday)
Tapestri: Save your love (Tell me world)
Chris Coole: I may not be much but I‘m all that I think about (The old man and c chord)
Chris Coole: Delia (The old man and c chord)
Erik Vincent Huey: Yours in the struggle (Appalachian Gothic)
Eric Vincent Huey: That‘s what jukeboxes are for (Appalachian Gothic)
Tex Perkins: Forgive us our children (Other world)
James Shorter: Search me Lord (Been here all my days)
John Leyton: Johnny remember me (Grim Reaper‘s Greatest Hits)

07 März 2023

Beasts of Bourbon: Psycho /Ten Wheels for Jesus (The axemen‘s jazz)
Tex, Don & Charlie: Still the same (Sad but true)
Cruel Sea: Slow down (Where there’s smoke)
The Ape:Crawl back (The ape)
Cruel Sea: Save me (Three legged dog)
Tex Perkins and the Band of Gold: Silver Wings / Pardon me I‘ve got someone to kill
Tex, Don and Charlie: Bird on a wire (Monday Morning coming down)
Tex Perkins & Fat Rubber Band: In another lifetime
Beasts of Bourbon: I‘ve let you down again (Black milk)
Beats of Bourbon:The hate inside (Sour mash)

04 April 2023
Special: New England Pt.1

Bob Dylan: Canadee I O
Jimmie Driftwood: Bunker Hill
Hedy West: Boston Burglar
Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy: Boston Burglar
Wilf Carter: By the silv‘ry moonlight trail
Wilf Carter: How my yodeling days began
Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody: Prince Edward Island is heaven to me
Dick Curless: A Tombstone Every Mile
Ghosts of Paul Revere: Ballad of the 20th Maine (Field Notes Vol. 1)
Crooked Still: Cold Mountain (Some strange country)
Darlingside: Ocean bed (Fish pond gish)
Kris Delmhorst: Hanging Garden (Long day in the milky way)

18 April 2023

John McCusker: ‘S Tusa Thilleas (The best of…)
Magic Tuber Stringband: Tarantella (Tarantism)
Panhandlers: West Texas is the best Texas (Tough country)
Slaid Cleaves: Terlingua Chili Queen(Together through the dark)
Pale Blue: That Texas Touch (Tender things)
Jeffrey Lewis: What I love most in England (is the food!) (Nonesense)
Jeffrey Lewis: I was much mistaken (Words by Tuli Kupferberg)
Lankum: On a Monday Morning (False Lankum)
Cyril Tawney: On a Monday Morning (Navy cuts)
Bria: The sun ain‘t gonna shine anymore (Cuntry Covers Vol. 1)
Dom Flemons: Dark Beauty (Traveling wildfire)
Ellie Turner: Katabatic (When the trouble‘s all done)
New Pornographers: Bottle episode (Continue as a guest)

02 Mai 2023

Reg Meuross: The Jesus of Lubeck (Stolen from God)
Young Uns: Jack Merritt‘s Boots (Tiny Nores)
Afton Wolfe: Cry (Twenty three)
Meredith Moon: That town (Constellations)
Unthank: Smith: Robert Kay (Nowhere and everywhere)
Gurf Morlix: Heart (I challenge the beast)
Blaze Foley: Elections day (The Complete Outhouse Sessions_ Night Two)
Robbie Fulks: Momma‘s eyes (Bluegrass vacation)
Bruce Kaphan: Undeserved ending (Slider: Ambient excursions for pedal steel guitar)
Wood Brothers: Far from alone (Heart is the hero)
Spencer Collum: Betwixt and between (Spencer Collum‘s Coin Collection 2)
Emma Tricca: King Blixa (Aspirin sun)
Morgan Evans: On my own again (Life upside down)

16 Mai 2023

Bruce Cockburn: King of the Bolero (O Sun O Moon)
Jenna Reid: Happy Tom, my home (Laughing girl)
Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower: Ash Wednesday slow (Even days dissolve)
Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower: Even days dissolve (Even days dissolve)
Drew Holcomb: Troubles (Strangers no more)
James Combs: High Pine Steeples
Rickie Lee Jones: On the sunny side if the street (Poeces of trasure)
Cinder Wells : Returning (Cadence)
Trapper Schoep: The fool (Siren songs)
Kassi Valazza: Chino (Dear deaddays)
Son Volt: Dynamite Woman (Thesongs of Doug Sahm)
Phosphorescent: The party‘s over (One Night in Texas- The Next Waltz’s Tribute to the Red Headed Stranger)

30 Mai 2023

Michael Jerome Browne: Livin with the blues (Getting together)
Brownie McGhee: Key to the highway (Back home blues)
Marty Cooper: Mama was a cowgirl (I wrote a song)
Jon Wilcox: Migrant song (Stages of my life)
Ellis Paul: When Angels fall (55)
Anna Elizabeth Laube: Buckets of Rain (Wild outside)
Parker McCollum: Speed (Never enough)
Maxine Funke: Willow White (River said)
Dean Owens: Tombstone Rose (El Tiradita)
Dean Owens & Calexico: How the west was stolen (El Tiradita)
Dean Johnson: Old TV (Nothing for me, please)
Sons of Rainier: Sweetest moments (Take me anywhere)
Mute Duo: Bisrama (Migrant Flocks)

13 Juni 2023

Mynah Birds: It’s My Time
Neil Young: Powderfinger
Rockets : Hole In My Pocket

Danny Lee: Stop Calling Me Baby
Dan Penn: I‘m your puppet

Arthur Lee & The L.A.G.’s: Rumble-still-skins
Love: Coloured balls falling

Beefeaters: Please Let Me Love You
Byrds: Wild Mountain Thyme

Marty Balin: You Made Me Fall
Jefferson Airplane: She has funny cars

Michael Blessing: The New Recruit
Monkees: Last train to Clarksville

International Submarine Band: Truck Driving Man
Flying Burrito Brothers: Juanita

27 Juni 20213
Special: Static Roots Festival

Ferris & Sylvester: Party‘s over (Superhuman)
John Blek: Raven‘s cry (Until the rivers run dry)
Cordovas: Standin on the porch (Santa Fe channel)
Hello Darlins: Mountain time (Go by feel)
Evangeline Gentle: Gay bar (single)
Rowan: Youth and Youthhood (Does it make you happy
Woolf: What‘s left of us (Woolf)
Jim Bryson: Clear the crowds (Where the bungalow roams)
Malin Pettersen: Weightless (Wildhorse)
Beth / James: My problem (Get together)
Dylan Earl: Buddy (I sawthe Arkansas)
One Eleven Heavy: Plinth (Poolside)

11. Juli 2023

Kassi Valazza: Corners (… knows nothing)
Malcolm Holcomb: Happy wonderland (Bits and pieces)
Myriam Gedron: Waly Waly (Ma Delire Songs Of Love, Lost And Found)
Kris Drever (Lau): Capernaum (The best of …)
Bob Bradshaw: Rosa (The art of feeling blue)
Andrew Hawkey: Between two horizons (Hindsight)
Lauren MacColl: Natal (Haar)
Eilen Jewell: Outsiders (Get behind the wheel)
Eliza Gilkyson: Sunflowers ( Home)
Sunny War: Hopeless (Anarchist gospel)
Black Duck: The trees are dancing (st)

25. Juli 2023
SPECIAL: Am Galgen

Talisker: MacPherson‘s Rant
Fiddle Fever: MacPherson’s Fiddle And MacPherson’s Strut
Johnny Cash: Sam Hall
Dubliners: Sam Hall
Nick Hart: Jack Hall
Martin Carthy: Geordie
Trees: Geordie
Incredible String Band: Geordie
Sarah Ann Tuck: Pricketty Bush
Neil Young: Gallows Pole
Gutter Creek: Gallows Pole (Stripped bare)
Leadbelly: Mama did you bring me any silver?

08 August 2023

Matthews Southern Comfort: Going up the country / My Generation (Woodstock album)
Wayward Jane: Down the river (The flood)
Ed Snodderly & Shoestring Seven: Barn (Chimney smoke)
Phoebe Hunt: I am not a traveller (Nothing else matters)
Lilac Time: Adios and goodnight (Dance until the stars come down)
Mekons: How many stars (Deserted)
Water Tower: My little girl 8n Tennessee (Live from Los Angeles)
Darlingside: Baking Soda (Everything is alive)
Clarence White & Tut Taylor: Freight train (Dobro Country)
Heinz: Just like Eddy (Charts 1963)
Angels: My boyfriend‘s back
Los Lobos: Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio (Chuy‘s Tape Box Vol. 1)
Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy: Daybrak (Elan)

22. August 2023

Cordovas: Sky, land and sea (Tje rose of aces)
Rupert Wates: The storm (Elegies)
Trackdogs: Be your silver bullet (Blind summits and hidden dips)
Darrell Scott String Band: It‘s a great day to be alive (Opd cane back rocker)
PIL: Hawaii (End of the world)
Peatbog Fairies: Innes drinks the bru (I see a world)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Like it or not (Keeping secrets will destroy you)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Blood on the wine (Keeping secrets will destroy you)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Good morning, Popocatepetl (Keeping secrets will destroy you)
Broken radio: Smoke signals (Dirty Country)
Rhiannon Giddens: If you don‘t know how sweet it is (You‘re the one)
Teddy Thompson:I‘ll regret it all in the morning (My love of country)
Captain Beefheart: Harry Irene (Sun zoom spark outtakes)

05. September 2023

Furrow Collective: Prine Heathen (Wild hog)
Furrow Collective: Wild hog in the woods (Wild hog)
Alasdaire Roberts: Eppie Morrie (Grief in the kitchen and mirth in the hall)

Lau: Dear Prudence (Arc light)
Aidan O‘Rourke: The sandbank and the whale (Iorram)
Martin Green: One December morning (Crow‘s bones)

Salt House: Underthe same moon (Working for Zwus)
Ewan Mac Pherson: Quiet society (Norther)
Jenny Sturgeon: Raven (From the skein)
Rant: Thug Thu Chonnlach As An T-sabhal ( Reverie)
Jenny Reid: Happy Tom, my home (Laughing girl)

19. September 2023

Ben de la Cour: Birdcage (Sweet Anhedonia)
Robert Rex Waller: Amanda Ruth (See the big man cry)
Old Crow Medicine Show: Belle Meade Cockfight (Jubilee)
Ben de la Cour: Sweet Anhedonia (Sweet Anhedonia)
Happy Trails Prospector: (The Good, The Bad, & The Dreadful)
Turnpike Troubadours: The rut (A cat in the rain)
Siskin Green: There is a line of women (st)
Mapache: What a summer (Swinging stars)
Beth Bombara: Everything I wanted (It all goes up)
Kathryn Tickell and the Darkening: Gods of war (Cloud Horizons)
P.G. Six: I have known love (Murmurs and whispers)
Old Californio: Timeless things (Metaterranea)
Jonathan King: Cherry cherry (What a groovy day)

03. Oktober 2023
Hank Williams Special

Hank Williams: Never again (The complete)
Hank Williams: Your cheatin heart (The complete)
Bob Dylan: The love that faded (The lost notebooks of HW)
Yo La Tengo: I‘m so lonesome I could cry (Stuff like that there)
Hank Williams: Too many parties and too many pals (Luke the Drifter)
Johnny Cash: I dreamed about Mama last night (Timeless)
Hank Williams: Cool water (Alone with his guitar)
Mekons: Alone and forsaken (Edge of the world)
Hank Williams: Mansion on the hill (Complete health and happiness recordings)
Tex Ritter: Move it on over (Have I stayed away too long)
Georgie Fame: Move it on over (Mod classics)
Hank Williams: California Zephyr
Residents: Kaw-Liga (Stars and Hank forever)
Louis Armstrong: Your cheatin neart (Hey goood lookin)
Hank Williams: I‘ll never get out of this world alive

17. Oktober 2023

Entfallen / cancelled

31. Oktober 2023
Special Halloween

Sierra Ferrell: The sea
Secret Sisters: Water Witch and Brandi Carlile
Lorne Greene: Ghost riders in the sky
Hank Williams: Howlin at the moon
Buck Owens: It‘s a monsters holiday
Civil Wars: Barton Hollow
Charlie Daniels: The legend of Wooley Swamp
Bobbie Bare: Marie Laveau
Adia Victoria: Magnolia Blues
Alison Krauss: Ghost in this house
Corb Lund: Dig grave digger
Pretty Things: Ain‘t no grave
Willie Nelson: Grave digger
Aoife O‘Donovan: Ain‘t no grave

14. November 2023

Jon Langford: Sad milkman (Gubbins)
Waco Brothers: Baba O‘Reily (Doomed to repeat)
Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz: Suffolk Miracle (Nothing But Green Willow: The Songs Of Mary Sands And Jane Gentry)
Rod Picott: Television Preacher (Starlight tour)
Wayne Brererton: When first unto this country (The robin‘s call)
Luluc: As tears go by (Diamonds)
Emisunshine & The Rain: The boy I never loved (Slideshow)
Hello June: Take me home, country roadstamsin (Artifacts)
Heather Lynne Horton: Ten times (Get me to a nunnery)
Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary: El Hara (So far we have come)
Handsome Family: The king of everything (Hollow)
Wilco: Child soldier (Cousin)

28 November 2023

Ed Snodderly: Better just ride the mule (single)
Dean Owens: Staring at the lid (Pictures)
Johnny Dowd: Ice pick (Is heaven real?)
Mean Mary : I saw three ships (I‘d rather be merry)
Leyla Mccalla: Dodinin(Breaking the thermometer)
Lisa O‘Neil: Blackbird (Heard a long gone song)
Afton Wolfe: Mississippi (The harvest)
Catherine Irwin: Pale horse, pale rider (Little heater)
Billy Bragg: This guitar says sorry (Peel sessions)
Brighde Chaimbeul: Pililiù (The Call of the Redshank) (Carry them with us)
Dan Aguiar: Santianno (Sea songs)
Luther Dickinson: Beulah Land (Magic music for family folk)
Naima Bock: Campervan (Giant palm)

12 Dezember 2023

Jim Ghedi: What will become of Old England (Mojo Presents; Ramblers & Gamblers (15 Key Voices for 2023)
John Francis Flynn: Dirty old town
Lankum: Sergeant William Bailey (Between earth and sky)
Eliza Carthy & Jon Boden: Remember oh thou man (Glad Christmas come)
Pawn Shop Saints: Generation lockdown (Weeds)
Pawn Shop Saints: Love dry (45 American Lies)
Pawn Shop Saints: California (45 American Lies)
Van Plating: Midwinter (single)
Aoife Nessa Frances: Libra (Land of no junction)
Large Plants: White horse (The Thorn)
Yo La Tengo: Season of the shark (Prisoners of love)
Charlie Crockett: The valley (Live from the Ryman)
Jim Lauderdale: She‘s the light (The long and lonesome letting go)

26 Dezember 2023
Special: Winter

Dentists: Strawberriers are growing in my garden – and it‘s wintertime
Lady Maisery and Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith:Winter berries (Awake arise)
Vashti Bunyan: Winter is blue (unreleased acetate)
Episode Six: A hazy shade of winter (Radio One Club Sessions)
Ian Campbell Folk Group: Snow is falling (Complete transatlantic recordings)
John Fahey: In the bleak midwinter (Christmas guitar)
Texas Gladden: Dark scenes of winter (Alan Lomax Collection)
Johnny Flynn and Robert Mac Farlane: Year long winter
Liverpool Scene: Winter poem (Bread on the night)
Catherine Irwin: Dirty little snowman (Cut yourself a switch)
Connie Francis: Winter Wonderland
Bert Jansch: In the bleak midwinter (L.A. Turnaround)
Lyle Lovett: On a winter‘s morning (22th of June)
Maddy Prior: Winter: Red & Green (Year)

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