24 Jan 2001 incl. an interview with Chris JonesThe Lune: A woman and a deadmanGeronimo Trevino III: Mach man from taco landChris Jones: Slave RockChris Jones: The last nailMatt Combs:Big SciotaJuarez: Lupe (Reno)Area Code 615: John HenryPistol Arrows: Down Highway 9Robbie Fulks: Fuck this townBuddy Miller: Nothing can stop meTwang: Light my fireCow: Move it on home 21 feb 2001 Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys: It’s my turnScrimshanders: So longSouthern Culture On The Skids: VenusPlainsong: Lost JohnPlainsong: I can’t explainSusana Baca: Tu miracle y mi vozJohnny Bond: Oklahoma HillsHank Penny: Big footed SamNancy Apple: Draw the linePistol Arrows: Mr. ValentineGary Gerloff: The camp at 2324Mickey Newbury: Frisco depotWaco Brothers: The harder they fallEscovedo: Irene WildeBuick McKane:Black shiny beast 21 März 2001 Special: Gene Clark Byrds: Eight miles highGene Clark: One in a hundredByrds: Set you free this timeDillard & Clark: Train leaves here this morningGene Clark& Carla Olson: Gypsy […]