11 Januar 2022

Harley Kimbro Lewis: Who‘s hungry (Harley Kimbro Lewis)
Harley Kimbro Lewis: Man get ahold of youself (Harley Kimbro Lewis)
Steve Dawson: A world without you (single)
Tim O’Brien, Bill Frisell, Dale Bruning: All the things you are (Life lessons)

sion Personalities: Goodnight Mr. Spaceman (single)
Norfolk Broads: Young girl
Terri Hendrix: Wildflowers (Pilgrim’s Progress Project 5.5)
Jon Langford: The devil has a hold on the land (single)
Michigan Rattlers: Like a kid (That kind of live)
Ilona Katz Katz: If (In My Mind)
Cat Clyde and Jeremie Albino: Pastures of plenty (Blue blue blue)
Aaron Vance: Blue collar high life (Cabin fever)

25 Januar 2022

Special: Ecology

Canned Heat: Going up the country
Tom Paxton: Whose garden was this
Joni Mitchell: Big yellow taxi
Talking Heads: Flowers
Judy Collins: Farewell to Tarwathie
Country Jos McDonald: Save the whales
SallyTimms: Seminole wind
Paul McCartney: Despite repeated warnings
Neil Young: MotherEarth
Uncle Tupelo: Sauget wind
Yardbirds: Shape of Thomas

08 Februar 2022

From surfing buttholes to exquisite corpses

Kramer: The Crying (And the wind blew it all away)
Jad Fair and Kramer: You cripple me (The Crying Game)
Paul Leary: Mohawk Town (Born Stupid)
Paul Leary: Gary Floyd revisited ( Born stupid)
Mekons: Buried treasure (Exquisite)
Tony Rice: Last thing on my mind (Church Street Blues)
Punch Brothers: Last thing on my mind (Hell on Church Street)
Jake Xerxes Fussell: What did the hen duck say to the drake (Good and green again)
Jake Xerxes Fussell: Love Farewell (Good and green again)
Jim Keaveny: Golden Carmen (single)
Eliza Gilkyson: Buffalo Gals (Songs from the River Wind)
Janis Ian: Resist (The light at the end of the line)
Eliza Gilkyson: We are not alone (2020)

22 Februar 2022

Spoon: Wild(Lucifer on the sofa)
Ben Morgan-Brown: The last time I saw Martin (Down by the great River Ouse)
Jackson Cavalier: Heavy Krown (Defend your illusioon)
Oyo: Jones Avenue (Oyo) The Iroquois referred to the Ohio River as Oyo (OH-yo)
Mikayla Mcvey: Symbol cure (Time turns everything)
Big Thief: Spud infinity (Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You)
James Scott Bullard: Big City Blues (The rise and fall of)
Remittance Man: Widow‘s walk (SCOUNDRELS, DREAMERS & SECOND SONS)
Th‘Booty Hunters: Anyway we do (The end of the country)
Track dogs: (Where too now)
Rave Ups: Cry (Tomorrow)
Salt House: The day we made a wood (Working for Zeus)
Mason Jennings: The Game (Real heart)
Track dogs: Carolina in my mind (Where too now)
Kevin Bradley: The blackest crow / Belles of St. Louis (Big spring)

08 März 2022

In Memorian: Dallas Good (Sadies)

Sadies: Cowhand (Precious Moments)
Sadies: Dying is no way to make a living (The Sadies Archives Vol. 1)
Andre Williams and the Sadies: Pardon me – I‘ve got someone to kill (Red Dirt)
Sadies: Lay down your arms (Stories often told)
Sadies: 1000 cities falling (Favourite colours)
Good Family: Restless River (Good Family Album)
Jon Langford and his Sadies: Solitaire Song (Mayor of the moon)
Sadies: Memphis Egypt (In concert)
John Doe and the Sadies: A fool such as I (Country Club)
Sadies: I tried not to (Pure diamod gold)
Sadies: Higher Power (In concert)
Sadies: Lucifer Sam (In Concert)
Sadies: Medicine Ball (Pure diamond gold)
Unintended: Angel (Unintended)
Sadies: The good years (Nort hern passages)
Sadies: Story‘s often told (Stories often told)
Neil Young & Sadies feat. Garth Hudson: This Wheel’s on fire (A Canadian celebration of the Band)

22 März 2022

Rupert Wates: The dance of Joy (For the people)
Bird in the Belly: Smokeless chimneys / After London (After the city)
Hawtthorns: The one that got away (Tarot cards and shooting stars)
Big Star: Femme fatale (3rd- Sisters Lovers)
Carson McHone: Someone else (Still life)
Sophie and the Broken Things: Dashboard (Delusions of Grandeur)
Amanda Ann Platt & Honeycutters: Eurydice (The devil and the deep blue sea
Meic Stevens:The sailor and Madonna (Outlander)
Alice DiMicele: Communication (Every seed we plant)
Steve Poltz: Wrong town (Stardust and Satellites)
Oysterband: Wonders are passing (Read the sky)
Cactus Blossoms: Ballad of an unknown (One day)
Kieran Kane & Rayna Gellert: The only thing worth savin (The flowers that bloom in spring)
Infamous Stringdusters: Revolution (Toward the fray)

05 April 2022

Dietrich Strause: Weathervanes (You and I must be out of my mind)
Pawn Shop Saints: Outlaws (Ride my galaxy)
Dusty The Kid: Raise the banner (Days of love and 4age)
Dusty the Kid: O Catalonia (Days of Love and Rage)
Kevin Buckley: The blackest crow (Big Spring)
Bird In The Belly: Lay low, lay (After the city)
Gunwood: Bonfire (Dream Boat Jane)
Chocolate Watch Band: I ain‘t no miracle worker(The Inner Mystique)
Magpie Arc: Whenever I‘m alone (3EPs)
Findlay Napier & Megan Henwood: Shepherd (Story song scientists)
Gabriel Kahane: We are the saints (Magnificent birds)
Maren Morris: Tall guys (Humble quest)
Ian Noe: POW Blues (Rivr fools and mountain saints)
Kristi Rose: Johnny Guitar (This is pulp country)

19. April 2022

Folk Rock 1963-67

Fairport Convention: Chelsea Mornin (Fairport Convention)
Sandy & the Strawbs: And You Need Me (All Our Own Work)
The Dillards: Brother John (Copperfields)
Marianne Faithfull: Sally Free and Easy (North Country Maid)
Rising Storm: Frozen Laughter (Calm Before)
Peter & Gordon: If I Were You (Single)
The Daily Flash: The French Girl (single)
The Rising Sons: 2:10 Train
Davy Graham: Maajun (Folk, Blues & Beyond)
The Mugwumps: Here It Is Another Day (The Mugwumps)
Grateful Dead: Early Morning Rain (Golden Road)
Mouse & the Traps: A Public Execution (Single)
The Ides of March: I’ll Keep Searching (Single)
The Penny Arkade: Lights of Dawn (Not the freeze)

03 Mai 2022

William Clark Green: All pot no chicken
James Combs: Remember how we used to dance (Falling under spells)
Michelle Malone: Dust bowl man (1977)
Abigail Lapell: Ships (Stolen time)
Abigail Lapell: Scarlet fever
Neko Case: Oh shadowless (Wild creatures)
Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder: Pick a bale of cotton (Get on board)
Slocum Ramblers: A mind with a heart of ist own (Up the hill and through the fog)
The Alt: The willow tree (Day is come)
Old Crowe Medicine Show: Brand New Mississippi Flag (Paint this town)
Calexico: Cumbia peninsula (El Mirador)
Rod Picott: Sonny Liston (Paper hearts and broken arrows)
Charlie Crocket: I Hope It Rains at My Funeral (Lil G.L. Presents Jukebox Charley)

17. Mai 2022

Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones: The grey goose and gander (A year too late and a month too soon)
Bryony Griffith: The Heysham Peace-Egging Song (Lady Diamond)

eyla McCalla: Dodonin. Duke univrsity
Luke Winslow-King: Lissa‘s Song (If these walls could talk)
Karen Dalton: Trouble in mind (Shuckin Sugar)
Hannah Read & Michael Starkey: Shenandoah (Cross the rolling water)
Hannah Read & Michael Starkey: Old Kentucky Whiskey (Cross the rolling water)
Mike Stevens: Ida Red (Breathe In The World Breathe Out Music)
Brennen Leigh &Asleep at the Wheel: If Tommy Duncan‘s voice was booze (Obsessed with the west)
Surfing Magazines: Locomotive Cheer (Badgers of Wymeswold)
Katie Spencer: Shannonb Road (The edge of the land)e
Richard Thompson: Twilight cowboy (Music for Grizzly man)
Corb Lund: Big american headliner (Songs my friends wrote)
Mike Plume Band: Graveyard shift (Simplify)

31 Mai 2022

Tone of Voice Orchestra: Heartless (st)
Steve Forbert: Fried oysters (Moving through America)
Silver Lining: Master of disguise (Go out nowhere)
Black Keys: Burn the damn thing down (Dropout Boogie)
Michael McDermott: Our little secret (St. Paul‘s Boulevard)
Lucky Ones: Keno City Love Song / Bones (Slow Dance, Square Dance, Barn Dance)
Kevin Morby: Rock bottom (This is a Photograph)
Wandering Hearts: Carry On (st)
Wilco: Many worlds (Cruel country)
Avi Kaplan: All is wel (Floating on a dream)
John Doe: Destroying Angel (Fables in a foreign land)

14 Juni 2022
Posted on 10. Juni 2022 by nobby
Special: Mighty Baby

Look out for the ROOTS SPECIAL on Mighty Baby

Action: Land of 1000 dances (Shadows and reflections)
Reg King: In and out (Looking for a dream)
Mighty Baby: I‘m from the country (Mighty Baby)
Mighty Baby: Stone unhenged (Live in the Attic)
Mighty Baby: The happiest man in the carnival (A jug of love)
Might Baby: Devil‘s whisper
Andy Roberts: Creepy John (Homegrown)
Shelagh McDonald: Look over the hill and far away (Let no man steal your thyme)
Gary Farr: Margie (Strange fruit)
Keith Christmas: Metropolis (Stimulus)
Robin Scott: The purple cadger (Woman from the warm grass)
Habibiyye: If man but knew (If man but knew)

Special: Static Roots Festival

Sarah Jane Scouten: Ballad of a Southern Midwife (Confessions)
Zachary Lucky: Leavin Cheyenne (Songs for hard times)
Dean Owens: Give my love to Rose (Cash back songs I learned from Johnny))
Dean Owens: La Lomita (Sinner‘s Shrine) calexico, schotte
Gabi Garbutt: Angel of Third Avenue (Cockerel)
Native Harrow: Even peace (Closeness)
Evangeline Gentle: Neither of us (st)
Vandoliers: Quick to fire (The Native)
Pete Gow: Side III of London calling (Leo)
Treetop Flyers: Out the blue (Old habits)
Robert Jon: Brother (Shine light on me brother)

Blue Dogs: The road you don‘t (Big dreamer)
Often Herd: Sycamore gap (Where the big lamp shines)
Nicki Bluhm: Friends (Abondale Drive)

12 Juli 2022

Mean Mary: Bette, come back (Portrait of a woman)
Steve Earle: Little Bird (Jerry Jeff)
Patty Griffin: Don‘t mind (Tape)
Fantastic Negrito: Nibbadip (White Jesus Black Problems)
American Aquarium: The hardet thing (Chicamacomico)
Mapache: The garden (Roscoe‘s dream)
Mapache: Tend your garden (Roscoe‘s dream)
Wave Pictures: French Cricket ( When the Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings)
Hannah White: Bluest eyes (About time)
Katie Spencer: Silence on the hillside (Edge of the land)
Amy Speace: Little Red (Tucson)
Ye Vagabonds: Lord Gregory (Nine waves)
Nicki Bluhm: Friends (Avondale Drive)

26 Juli 2022

Look for the ROOTS SPECIAL about John Cohen

Grateful Dead: Uncle John‘s Band
New Lost City Ramblers: How can a poor man stand such times and live (Songs from the depression)
Kingston Trio: Tom Dooley (Best of)
Roscoe Holcomb: Hills of Mexico (The high and lonesome sound)
Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard: TB Blues (There is no eye: Music for photographs)
Reverend Gary Davies: Death don‘t have no mercy (Live at Newport)
Cisco Houston: Deportee (Plane wreck at Los Gatos)
John Cohen: Farmland Blues (Stories the crow told me)
Dust Busters & John Cohen: Roving Rambler (Inside Llewyn Davies)
John Cohen & Down Hill Strugglers: Buffalo Skiners (Library of Comngress)
Alison Krauss: Scarlett Tide (Cold Mountain)
New Lost City Ramblers: Wreck of the old 97 (20th anniversary concert)
Bessie Jones: Maybe the last time, I don‘t know (Put Your Hand On Your Hip, And Let Your Backbone Slip Songs And Games From The Georgia Sea Islands)
Uncle Tupelo: No Depression

09. August 2022

Canny Band: Helen‘s song (st)
Caamp: Lavender girl (Lavender days)
Tim Heidecker: Punch in the gut (High school)
Haroula Rose: Happenstance (Catch the light)
Tamsin Elliott: Uma‘s song (Frey)
Jadea Kelly: Picking flowers (Roses)
Giulia Millanta: Go South (Woman on the moon)
Bella Hardy: Awake awake (Love songs)
Joshua Hedley: Bury with my boots on (Neon blue)
Joan Shelley: Amberlit morning (The Spur)
Bird in the Belly: All you females (Neighbours and Sisters)
Deslondes: Wild Eden (Ways and means)
Jason McNiff: Tomorrow never knows (Tonight we ride)

23 August 2022

Peter Mulvey: Pray for rain (Live is the only thing)
Fantastic Cat: Amigo (The very best of …)
Fantastic Cat: C‘mon Armageddon (The very best)
Fritillaries: Together in flight (st)

Pedal Steel Part
Luke Schneider: Yosemite (VA – Luke Schneider Presents Imaginational Anthem vol. XI)
Roger Kleier: Orion on the Horizon (Secular Steel)
Steve Dawson: The waters rise (Phantom Threshold)
Steve Dawson: You still believe in me (Phantom Threshold)

Wilderness Yet: Carol of the flood (What holds the world together)
Brother Brothers: That‘s how I got to Memphis
Colorblind James Experience: Considering a move to Memphis (st)
Steve Wallis: Amsterdam (Nothing stays the same way for long)

06 September 2022


B.J. Cole: You‘re probably lost (New hovering dog)
B.J. Cole: 2:57 (1982 + Bj Cole)
Cochise: Watch this space
Cochise: Down country girls (Swallow tales)
Cochise: Dance, dance, dance (So far)
Elton John: Tiny Dancer
Humble Pie: Only a roach (st)
Robert Plant: If it‘s really got to be this way (Sixty Six to Timbuktu)
Dave Edmunds: Dance dance dance (Rockpile)
Hank Wangford: Whiskey on my guitar (Cowboys stay on longer)
Martin Simpson: Home again (True Stories)
Roy Harper: Naked Flame (Bullinaminghvase)
Eliza Carthy: Whole (Angels and Cigarettes)

20 September 2022

Kelly Joe Phelps: The black crow keeps flying (Lead me on)
Kelly Joe Phelps: Beggar‘s oil (Shy like a broken clock)
Townes van Zandt: Banks of the Ohio (Highway Kind)
Kelly Joe Phelps: Scapegoat (Tunesmith retrofit)
Greg Brown: Billy from the hills (Slan 6 Mind)
Kelly Joe Phelps: Sovereign Wyoming (Western bell)
Jay Farrar: Drain (Sebastopol)

Riley Downing: Deep breath (Start it over)
Rich Jaques: New design (Everything must change)
Rich Jaques: The book of love (Everything must change)
Rob Heron: The horse that you rode in on (The party‘s over)
Valerie June: Look at Miss Ohio (Under cover)
Eli Winter: Davening in threes

04 Oktober 2022


Mary Gauthier: Thanksgiving ( Between Daylight and Darkness)
Drive-By Truckers: Thanksgiving filter (Go-go Boots)
Rachel Baiman: Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)
Jess Klein: New Thanksgiving Feast (back to my green)
Chris Thile: Elephant in the room (Thanks for listening)
Mary Chapin Carpenter: Thanksgiving song (Come darkness, comne light)
Ray Davies: Thanksgiving Day (Sane)
William Burroughs: Thanksgiving prayer (with NBC Symphony Orchestra) (Dead City Radio)
Bob Dylan: Turkey Chase (Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid)
Jay and the Techniques: Apples, praches, pumpkin pie
Big Star: Thank you friends(Complete Third)
Thelonius Monk: Stuffy Turkey (Live in Zurich 1964)

18 Oktober 2022

Siobhan Miller: Go, Move, Shift (Bloom)
Siobhan Miller: Wild Mountain Thyme (Bloom)
Markus Rill: Flesh & Blood & Bone (Everything we wanted)
Fara: Fair winds (Energy Islands)
Sadies: Ginger moon (Coldrer streams)
Sadies: End credits (Colder streeams)
KB Bailey: Driftwood Avenue (Flatlands)
Yo La Tengo: Pablo adn Andrea (Prisoner of love)
Miraculous Mule: John the Revelator (Old bones, new fire)
Ashley Hutchings: Lay down your weary tune (More songs from the shows)
Dr. John: I‘m so lonesome I could cry (Things happen that way)
Chris Canterbury: Yellow Mama (Quaalude lullabies)
Storyteller: Bosworth Field (Storyteller)

01 November 2022


Joshua Hedley: Found in a bar (Neon blue)
S.G. Goodman: The heart of it (Teeth marks)
Anais Mitchell: Now you know (Anais Mitchell)
Aoife O‘Donovan: Prodigal daughter (Age of apathy)
Riley Downing: Hey! Mister (Start it over)
Courtney Barnett: Before you gotta go (Things take time, take time)
Hanging Stars: Rainbows in windows (Hollow heart)
Cowboy Junkies: Ornette Coleman (Ghosts)
Gregory Alan Isakov: Bullet holes (Evening machines)
Charley Crockett: Round this world (Music city USA)
Hollis Brown: High and dry (In the aftrmath)
Jeffrey Foucault: Rio (Blood brothers)
Band of Horses: Our swords (Everything all the time)
Chris Thile: Shipwrecked (Laysongs)

15. November 2022

Plainsong: Raider (Following Amelia)
Old Californio: Lotta Love (Old Californio Country)
Honey Harper: Lake song (& the infinitive sky)
Charles O‘Hagerty: Suez War Song (The more I travel)
Charles O‘Hagerty: Marika‘ s Lullaby (The more I travel)
Williams Brothers: Death of a clown (Memories to burn)
Williams Brothers:Tears only run oneway (Memories to burn)
JSD Band: Cousin Caterpillar (Country of the blind)
Sparrow: I‘m coming back (Hatching out)
Horseshoes and Hand Granades:Gallow‘s tree (For old time‘s sake)
Frank from Blue Velvet: There‘s a storm (st)
Angela Easterling: Keep your head down, Johnny (Witness)
Gurf Morlix: Snake pit (Caveman)
Beatles: Yellow Submarine (Revolver-Super deluxe)

29 November 2022


Lula Wiles: One more night (st)
Lula Wiles: Morphine (What will we do)
Lula Wiles: Good old American Values (What will we do)
Eleanor Buckland: Static (You don‘t have to know)
Mali Obomsawin: Wawasint8da (Sweet Tooth)
Alanis Obomsawin: Bush Lady pt. 2 (Bush Lady)
Alanis Obomsawin: Nziealdam Bush Lady)
Isa Burke & Aoife O’Donovan:
Lula Wiles: Oh my god (Shame and sedition)

Eliza Carthy:Mr. Magnifico (Dreams of breathing underwater)
Eliza Carthy: Mr. Magnifico (Queen of the whorl ep.3 Stumbling on)
Eliza Carthy: Whirly Whorl (And the Kings of Calicutt)
Eliza Carthy: Whirly Whorl (Queen of the Whorl ep 1)

13 Dezember 2022

Deep in the woods:
Christine Harwood: Crying to be heard
Deviants: Bun
Miller Anderson: Shadows cross my wall

Ben Bedford: Leaping (Valley of stars)
Great Willow: My Mystery (single)
Lou Turner: Green and growing (Microcosmos)
Hushman: Beltane (st)
Grey DeLisle: All my tears (Borrowed)
Mike Donald: Land of the Old and Grey (Before the day is done – The story of Folk Heritage Records 1968 – 1975)
Mekons: Fancy
Smell Of Incense: Fancy

27 Dezember 2022


Walking my Cat named dog:
Norma Tanega (Walking my cat named dog)
Les Surf: Mon Chat Qui S’appelle Médor
Barry McGuire (The world‘s last private citizen)
Art Blakey
Dida Pelled (Ryley Walker presents Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 9)

Norma Tanego: You‘re dead (Walking my cat named dog)
Norma Tanega: Clapham Junction (I don’t think it will hurt when you smile)
Dusty Springfield: Come for a Dream
They migt be giants: Walking my cat named dog (Why?)

Annie Capps: Crowded (How can I say this )
Peach and Quiet: Oklahoma or Arkansas (Beautiful thing)
Janice Burns & Jon Doran: As I roved out (No More the Green Hills)
Molly Tuttle: Side Saddle (Crooked tree)
Hermanos Gutierrez: Tres hermanos (El bueno y el Malo)
Hermanos Gutierrez: La Verdad (El bueno y el Malo)
Sarah Siskind: Porchloght (Modern Appalachia)

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