12 Januar 2021

Dave Mason: As sad and as deep as you (Alone together again)
John Hartford: Frustrated bird ( Iron mountain depot)
These Trails: El rey pescador / Our house in Hanalei (These trails)
Bill Calahan & Bonnie Prince Billy: Rooftop Garden – featuring Giorgos Xylouris
Lee Hazlewood: Poor man (Love an other crimes)
Rick Shea: She sang of the earth (Love and desperation)
KB Bayley: Blood red lullaby (Little thunderstorm)
Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy: Letter sung to friends feat. Nathan Salsburg
Nathan Salsburg: Planxty Davis (Third)
Jerry Jeff Walker: Morning song to Sally (Driftin’ way of life)
Circus Maximus: Oops I can dance (st)
John Moreland: Let me be misunderstood (LP5)

26 Januar 2021

Anna Kashfi: Things get said (Procurement)
Wand: Rio Grande (Laughing matter)
David Olney & Anana Kaye: My favorite goodbeye / The last days of Rome (Whispers and Sighs)
Kat Danser: One eye closed / Way I like it done (One eye open)
Gerry Spehar: Laura Dean (Lady Liberty)
Dead Boys: Hey little girl (Young, loud and snotty)
Syndicate of Sound: Dream baby (Little girl – The history of SoS)
Traffic: John Barleycorn must die (First version) (John barleycorne must die)
Mike Waterson: John Barleycorn (Frost and fire)
Songwainers: John Barleycorne (st)
Steeleye Span: John Barleycorne (Below the salt)

09 Februar 2020

Brigitte DeMeyer: Already in (Seeker) v
Luther Dickinson: Chevrolet (Live 2016)
Tav Falco: Have I the right (Shadow dancer)
Frank Sinatra: World we knew
Divorcees: Saltwater cowboys (From labour to refreshment)
Seannachie: Mormond Braes (Within_The_Fire)
Merton Parkas: Tears of a clown (The complete mod collection)
Redeye Carava: El Muerto (Nostrum remedium)
Tony Rice Unit: I hope you have learned (Manzanita)
Fugs: Dover beach
Righteous Brothers: White cliffs of Dover
Dudu Pukwana: Izulu Liyaduduma (Spears)
Raincoats: No side to fall in (st)
Passions: Hunted

23 Februar 2021


Stingers: Mustang (Tabu Vol.2)
Carter Family: On my way to Canaan‘s Land (Take Me to the Water – Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music and Photography 1890-1950)
Orville J. Jenks – Sprinkle Coal Dust On My Grave (Songs And Ballads Of The Bituminous Miners)
Rusty Adams: Hippie from Mississippi (Plantation Gold_The Mad Genius Of Shelby S. Singleton And Plantation_SSS Records 1967-1976 CD1)
Music Machine: The eagle never hunts the fly (Mindrocker, Mindrocker. Anthology Of 60s US-Punk Garage Psych)
Piltdown Men: Tequila Bossa Nova (Mambo 14)
Graham Parker: The rose of England (Labor of love)
Ron Thompson: Switchblade (Keb Darge & Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers)
Esmereldy and her shotgun Five: Put Down Yore Shootin’ Iron Pappy (Just Plain Folks_ Country Songs of the Old Folks at Home)
Mark Lanegan: Constant waiting (Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions: We are only riders)
Bailes Brothers: Romans ten and nine (Goodbye Babylon CD 5)
Rattles: The witch (Die Deutschen Beatbands)
Tenores de Sarule: A gonare (Antologia della Musica Sarda Antica e Moderna)
Dock Boggs: Bright sunny south (Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways)

09 März 2021

Ben de la Cour: God’s only son (Shadow land)
Dean Martin: Houston
Yonder Boys: Il pesce spada (Acid folk)
Wailin’ Jennys: Wildflowers (Fifteen)
Annabelle Chvostek: Come back (String of perals)
Bruch: Gelotologie (The fool)
Bongo Joe: I wish I could sing (Arhoolie 40th anniversary)
Copper Viper: Opal and the bear (single)
Fairport Convention: Time will show the wiser
Richard Thompson: See my friends (1000 years of popular music)
Dirk Powell: The little things (When I wait for you )
Leyla McCalla: Rose Marie (Vari-Colored songs)
Our Native Daughters: Moon meets the sun

23 März 2021

Bob Bradshaw: Sideways (The ghost light)
MG Boulter: The slow decline (Clifftown)
James Combs: Circle days
Ben de la Cour: From now on (Shadowland)
Oladepo Ogomodede: Take Five (Spiritual jazz 5)
Paradise of Bachelors Special

Mega Bog: Left door (Dolphine)
James Elkington & Nathan Salsberg: Fleurette Africaine (Amsace)
Red River Dialect: My friend (Abundance welcoming ghosts)
Nap Eyes: Mark Zuckerberg (Snapshot of a beginner)
Jake Xerxes Fussell: Three Ravens (Out of sight)
Terry Allen: Pirate Jenny (Moby Dick)
Nathan Bowles: Moonshine is the sunshine (Whole and Cloven)
Mike Polizze: Wishing well : (Long lost solace find)

06 April 2021

Old Roots, New Routes 2021

Davey Graham & Shirley Collins: Reynardine (Old Roots, New Routes)
Lal and Mike Waterson: Bright Phoebus (Bright Phoebus)
Incredible String Band: Mercy I cry city (Hangman‘s beautiful daughter)
Jim Ed: I heard the bluebirds sing (Country Guitar)
Melissa Carper: Would you like to get some goats (Daddy‘s country gold)
Anne Keating: Half mast (Bristol county tides)
Mossy Kilcher: Cloudy day (Northwind calling)
Nathan Bowles: Chiaroscuro (Whole and cloven)
Sara Watkins: Blue shadows on the trail (Under the pepper tree)
First Aid Kit: Sisters of mercy (Who by fire) sc
Golden Roses: Songs about my cowboy hat (Devil’s in the details)
Raul Malo: Sound of silence (Quarantunes)
Fretland: Have another beer (st)
New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers: Searchlight (st)

20 April 2021

Special: Poetry and Music

Mickey Hart: Drones du jour (Allen Ginsberg ‘The Fall of America’ 50th Anniversary Tribute Album)
Andrew Bird: Easter sunday (Allen Ginsberg ‘The Fall of America’ 50th Anniversary Tribute Album)
Fugs: Ah sunflower weary of time (1st)
Fugs: River of shit (2nd album)
Ed Sanders: They‘re cutting my coffin at the sawmill ( Sanders‘truckstop)
Fugs: I want to know. Lyrics: Charles Olson
Van Morrison: Song of being a child; Lyrics: Peter Handke
Robert Creeley, Steve Swallow: Have we told you you‘d thought to know
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Last prayer (The last waltz)
Jack Kerouac – Readings from ‘On the Road’ and ‘Visions of Cody‘
Pete Brown: Morning Call (A meal you can shake hands with in the dark)
Mekons & Kathy Acker: Song about dogs (Pussy King of the Pirates)
John Cooper Clarke: Thirty Six Hours ( Snap, crackle and bop)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Hallelujah im Niemandsland
Allen Ginsberg: Tyger (First blues)
Allen Ginsberg: Ruhr-Gebiet (In Wuppertal 1980)

  1. Mai 2021

Steeleye Span: One night as I lay on my bed (Hark! The village wait)
Rachel Baiman: No good time for dying (Cycles)
Water Tower: Anthem (Fly around)
John Martyn: Glistening Glyndebourne (Bless the weather)
Brother Brothers: The road runner song (Calla Lily)
Black Twig Pickers: Will you miss me when I‘m gone (Friend‘s peace)
Angela Autumn: Captain (Magnolia sessions)
Oberon: Nottamun Town (A midsummer‘s night dream)
Afton Wolfe: Dirty girl (Kings for sale)
Afton: Younger days (First day of summer)
Abner Jay: Vietnam (True story)
Procol Harum aka Liquorice John Death: Brand new Cadillac (Ain‘t nothing to get exited about)

  1. Mai 2021

Steve Marriott and the Moments: Money
Eric Burdon and the Animals: Serenade to a sweet lady (Every one of us)
Family: 93s ok j (BbC Session)
John Weider: Ravenscourt (Intervals in sunlight)
Moonrider: Living on the Main Street (Moonrider)
Stud: Turn over the pages (Stud)
Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker: Rickshaw Waltz ( Land Of Plenty)
Darts and Arrows: No demons returned (Altamira)
Bill MacKay: Persona (Esker)
Bill MacKay & Katinka Kleijn: No One Here is a Stranger (Stir)
Bill MacKay: Birds of May (Fountain Fire)
Bill MacKay: The freak on the black Harley (Sunrise)
Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles: Idumea ( Keys)
Bill Callahan, Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill MacKay: Deacon Blues

01 Juni 2021

Black Twig Pickers: Moonshiner (Friends place)
Blitzen Trapper: Sons and unwed mothers: (Holy demos future demos)
Eleventh Dream Day: Yves Klein Blues (Since graced)
Jasper Lepak: Why should the ddvil (Desert ghosts)
Jennifer Castle: I‘ll never walk alone (Monarch season)
John Zorn featuring Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, Gyan Riley: El Castillo Interior (Teresa de Avila)
Modern Hinterland: Everybody better be nice roday (Diving bell)
Richard Thompson: Widow‘s walk (Serpent‘s tears)
Fairport Convention: Si tu doit partir (
Mr. Fox: Little Woman (Mr. Fox)
Annnabelle Chvostek: Fox Tail (The rise)
Yat-Kha: Solitude
Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney: My Popsicle
Mason Lindahl: Deep wish (Kissing Rosy in the rain)

15 Juni 2021

Incl. Special „Waycross“

Scottsville Squirrel Barkers: Willow tree (Bluegrass favorites)
Larry Murray: Sweet country suite (Sweet country suite)
Hearts and Flowers: She sang hymns out of tune (Of horses, kids and forgotten women)
Kathy and Carol: Lady Maisry (Kathy and Carol)
Chris Hillman: Lifeboat (Slippin away)
Eagles: Certain kind of fool (Desparado)
Waycross: Crown me all better (Waycross)
Doug Hilsinger With Caroleen Beatty: Burning airlines give you so much more (Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (A Modern Revolutionary Peking Opera)
Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney: Hall of death (Superwolves)
Mdou Moctar: Chismiten (Afrique Victime)
Steve Dawson: Forgiveness Is Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be (At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree)
Zoot Money: Soma (Transition)
Eleventh Dream Day: Wish to far (Since graced)
Julie Driscoll: Lullaby (1969)

29 Juni 2021

Mammals: California (Nonet)
Mike and Ruthy: Whimsical hysterical suburban (The Honeymoon agenda)
Malcolm Holcomb: Your kin (Tricks of the trade)
Churchill‘s: Pictures in my mind (Living loving)
Jericho Jones: No school today (Junkies, monkeys and donkeys)
Kings of Convenience: Catholic Country (Peace or love)
Phosphorescent: At Death, a proclamation (BBC Sessions)
Sleater Kinney: Path of wellness (Path of wellness)
Tenth Mountain Division: Highland morning (Butte la rose)
Amythyst Kiah: Black myself (Wary + strange)
Oliver Wood: Climbing high mountains (Always smilin‘)
Roland Roberts: Beautiful soul (All about the timing)
Malcolm Holcomb: Good intentions (Tricks of the trade)
Chris Thile: Salt (in the wounds) of the earth pt. One (Laysong)

  1. Juli 2021

John Townley Special

John Townley: The old sailor (Old sailor)
John Townley: To Anacreon in heaven (The top hits of 1776)
Magicians: An invitation to cry (An invitation to cry – The best of the Magicians)
Ocean: That‘s the way it is (st) Family Of Apostolic: Dholak Gheet / The lone pilgrimm / Did you like the party (st)
Lollypoppe Shoppe: Don‘t look back (Just Colors)

Shannon McNally: Help me make it hrough the night (Waylon sessions)
Amythyst Kiah: Firewater (Wary + Strange)
Zach Schmidt: You‘re still on my mind (Raise a banner)
Zach Schmidt: Foregone conclusion
Jeb LoY Nichols: I just can‘t stop it (Jeb Loy)
Ryan Adams: Power (Big Colors). Suicide

  1. Juli 2021

Nefesh Mountain: Wunderlust (Songs for the sparrows)
Dana Sipos: Light around the body (The astral plane)
JP Harris: Otto Wood (Don’t you marry no railroad man)
Shocking Blue: Never marry a railroad man
Nefesh Mountain: Piece of the sun (The astral plane)
Lucky Ones: Fool‘s gold (Lucky Ones)
I see hawks in LA: Mississippi Gas Sation Blues (On our way)
I see hawks in LA: Geronimo (On our way)
Waco Brothers: Geronimo (To the last dead cowboy)
Karen Black: That‘s me (Dreaming of you)
Katherine Priddy: Ring O Roses (The eternal rocks beneath)
Mekons: Ring O Roses (Rock and roll)
Sanford Clark: Still as the night (Modern Romance)
Rockin Berries: Poor man‘s son (Bowl of berries)

10 August 2021


Jay Ungar & Molly Mason: Solstice Hymn (Ashokan Farewell – Beautiful Dreamer: Songs Of Stephen Foster)
Ocean: Rampe (Ocean)
Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys: Strike a match and light another (Albion doo wah)
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason: Summer (Harvest home)
Fiddle Fever: Ashokan Farewell (Bestof Fiddle Fever)
Transatlantic House Band: Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Going back to Harlan (The Transatlantic Sessions Vol.2)
Emmylou Harris: Green rolling hills (Transatlantic Sessions Vol.2)

Rhiannon Giddens: Oh Death (They’re calling me home)
Rodney Crowell: Ttriage (Triage)
Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita: Le Bras de Mer (Electric Muse Revisited)
Imagined Village: My Son John (Electric Muse Revisited)

24 August 2021

Freakons: Phoebe Snow (st)
Jon Langford & Skull Orchard: Devil‘s replacement (single)
Rob Noyes: Old devil (Arc minutes)
Nanci Griffith: Night Rider’s Lament (Other Voices, Other Rooms)
Darin & Brooke Adridge: Die tryin’ (This life we’re living)
Wandering Hearts: Stardust (st)
Watchhouse: New Star (st)
RB Morris: That’s the way I do (Gooing back to the sky)
Great Willow: Together again (single)
Bean Pickers Union: Philemo (Greatest Picks)
Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter: Slipping amaretto (Anticipation)
Johnny Burnette: Honey hush (Johnny Burnette and the Rock ‚n Roll Trio)
Darin & Brooke Adridge: Mountains in Mississippi (Faster and farther)
Kropotkins: Sissy wa wa (Five points crawl)

07 September 2021

Sturgill Simpson: Juanita (The ballad of Doods and Juanita)
Sierra Ferrell: The sea (Long time coming)
Bryan Rahija: Storm Queen (Timber)
David Olney & Anana Kaye: Margarita (Whispers and Sighs)
David Olney & Anana Kaye: Last days of Rome(Whispers and Sighs)
Faux Paws: She’s not looking for you (st)

Oh Death:
Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Oh Death (Executioner’s last songs) (Diane Izzo)
Kaleidoscope: Oh death (Side trips)
Gangstagrass: Oh death (Broken hearts and stolen money)
Pace Jubilee Singers: Oh death (Four harmony kings (1926)

Abby Posner: Emergency use only (single)
Nathan Bell: American gun (Red, white and american blues)
Ringlefinch: Ophelia (Tall tales)

21 September

Bela Fleck: Hug Point (My bluegrass heart)
John Wort Hannam: Other side of the curve (Long haul)
Taylor Young Band: Wrong place, wrong time (Mercury transit)
Tre Burt: By the Jasmine (You, yeah, you)
John Blek: Northern Sky (On Ether and air)
Chapel Hart: Jacqui‘s song (The Girls are back in town)
Garrett T. Capps: Locomotive breath (I love San Antone)
Riddy Arman: Old Maid‘s Draw (st)
John Paul White: Pretty Boy Floyd (Home in this world)
Bonnie Koloc: y25th of December (You‘re gonna love yourself in the morning)
Bonnie Koloc: Burgundy wine (Hold on to me)
Phil Odgers: Rage against the machine (Ghost of Rock and Roll)
Della Mae: Dry Town (Family Reunion)

05 Oktober 2021

Special: 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain

Miners: Miners’ Rebellion
David Rovics: Battle of Blair Mountain (Songs fort Mahmud)
John Prine: Paradise (Singing mailman delivers)
Sturgill Simpson: Old king coal (High top mountain)
Charles Wesley Godwin: Coal Country (Seneca)
Charles Wesley Godwin: Seneca Creek (Seneca)
Steve Earle: Harlan Man (The Moiuntain)
Steve Earle: It‘s about blood (Ghosts of West Virginia)
Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn: Come all you coal miners (Echo in the valley)
Patty Loveless: You’ll never leave Harlan aliver (Mountain soul)
Freakons: Judy Belle Thompson (st)
Mekons: Trimdon Grange Explosion (Honky Tonkin)
Martin Carthy: Trimdon Grange Disaster (Carthy Chronicles)

19 Oktober 2021

Shannon Lay : Shores (Geist)
Scott Hirsch: Big passenger (Windless day)

Deadbolt: The hearse (Hobo Babylon)
Neil Young: Long may you run (Unplugged)
Christopher Paul Stelling: Driving the hearse (Forgiving it all)

Langkamer: Humndinger (West country)
Valerie June: Summer‘s end (Broken hearts and dirty windows – Songs of John Prine)
Brandi Carlile: Mama werewolf (In these silent days)
Wild Feathers: Ain‘t looking (Alvarado)
Laura Cantrell: 14th street (Humming songs)
Gordie Tentrees: Danke (Mean old world)
Keegan McInroe: To the moon and back (single)
Howe Gelb & Colorist Orchestra: Gentle on my mind (Not on the map)
Hassan Wargui: Azerf (Tiddukla)

02 November 2021

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: The world turned upside down (Stand up now, Songs form the Landworker’s Alliance)
Chieftains: Red is the rose (An Irish Evening)
Chumbawamba: Waiting for Margaret to go (In memoriam Margaret Thatcher)
Buffalo Nichols: Sick bed blues (st)
Michael Chapman: Andru‘s easy rider (Fully qualified survivor)
Michael Chapman: Pachyderm -excerpt (Pachyderm)
Michael Chapman: Sometimes you just drive (50)
Abby Posner: Blind spots (Kisbee ring)
Matt Patershuk: Jupiter, the flying horse (An honest effort)
Lowland Hum: We do what we‘re told – Milgram 37 (Lo low)
Ike Reilly: The failure of Saint Michael (Because the angels)
Malcolm McWatt: The curse of Molly McPhee (Settler)
TK and the Holy Know Nothing: I lost my beer

16 November 2021

Billy Bragg: Freedom Doesn’t Come For Free (The million things that never happened)
Hayes Carll: Help me remember (You get it all)
George Jackson: Food, coffee and kisses (Hair and hide)
Wes Corbett: Mary Evelyn (Cascade)
Rachel Baiman: Madison Tennessee (Molly Tuttle)
Eleanor Buckland: Static (You Don’t Have to Know)
Tee & Cara: Steppin in time (As they are)
Johnny Cash: Give my love to Rose (Bear’s Sonic Journals – Johnny Cash at the Carousel Ballroom, April 24 1968)
Phoebe Hunt: Good blood (Neither one of us is wrong)
Eric Clapton: Man of the world (The kady in the balcony – Lockdown sessions)
Belleville: Long day (Turn the medicine down)
Gurf Morlix: Geniuses (Kiss of the diamondback)

30 November 2021

Sally Anne Morgan: Sheep shaped (Thread)
Sally Anne Morgan: Hori hori (Cups)
House and Land: False true love (House and Land)
House and Land: Blacksmith (Across the field)
Black Twig Pickers: Frosty Morning ( Hobo handshake)
Black Twig Pickers: Sheets of rain, streams of sun (Friend‘s peace)

Malcolm McWatt: Ghosts of Caledonia (Settler)
Gurf Morlix: I‘d stop the rain (Kiss of the Diamondback)
David Keenan: Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories (What then)
Gurf Morlix: Coming back to haunt me (The tightening of the screws)

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Last kind words blues (Raise the roof)
Rhiannon Giddens: Last kind words (Tomorrow is my turn)
Geeshie Wiley: Last kind words blues

14 Dezember 2021

Bobby Allison and Gerry Spehar: River (Delta Man)
Zachary Lucky: Rex‘s Blues (Songs for hard times)
Bill Calahan & Bonnie Prince Billie: The wild kindness (Blind date party)
John Townley: The Bully Song (Sailor Mermaid)
John Townley: The Cumberland Crew (Sailor Mermaid)
Bert Jansch: It don‘t bother me
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: It don‘t bother me (Raising the roof)
Bonnie Dobson & Robert Plant: Morning Dew (Dreamland)
Michael Hurley: Alabama (The time of the foxgloves)
This Is The Kit: Coming to get you nowhere (Joe‘s garage version (Off off oddities)
Neil Young: Human Race (Barn)
Alex Dunn: Ain‘t quite sure (Southern star)
Merle Travis: Ain’t that a cryin shame (American Roots)
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28 Dezember 2021

Alan Wilson: Alan’s intro (Blind Owl Wilson)
Stereo Naked: Would you (Unseen course)
OneTwoThree: Buy buy (Onetwothree)
Liliput: Split
Liliput: A silver key can open an iron lock somewhere (Some songs)

All one song:
Carter Familiy: I‘m thinking tonight of my blue eyes
Vernon Delhart: The prisoner‘s song
Roy Acuff: The great speckled bird
Hank Thompson: The wild side of life
Kitty Wells: It wasn‘t god who made honky tonk angels

Hannah James and Toby Keith: The ragged woman (Sleeping spirals)
Richard Thompson: Together again (I want to see the bright lights tonight)
Jon Langford’s Skull Orchard: Devil’s replacement
Jon Langford: Jesus was a union man
Buck Owens: Together again

28 Dezember 2021

Alan Wilson: Alan’s intro (Blind Owl Wilson)
Stereo Naked: Would you (Unseen course)
OneTwoThree: Buy buy (Onetwothree)
Liliput: Split
Liliput: A silver key can open an iron lock somewhere (Some songs)

All one song:
Carter Familiy: I‘m thinking tonight of my blue eyes
Vernon Delhart: The prisoner‘s song
Roy Acuff: The great speckled bird
Hank Thompson: The wild side of life
Kitty Wells: It wasn‘t god who made honky tonk angels

Hannah James and Toby Keith: The ragged woman (Sleeping spirals)
Richard Thompson: Together again (I want to see the bright lights tonight)
Jon Langford’s Skull Orchard: Devil’s replacement
Jon Langford: Jesus was a union man
Buck Owens: Together again

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