14 Januar 2020

Special: Lady Maisery

Askew Sisters: Georgie (Enclosure)
Hannah James and Sam Sweeney: William Taylor ( State and ancientry)
Hannah James & JigDoll Ensemble: Hush now (The woman and her words)
Lady Maisery & Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Hope is before us (Awake Arise)
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Hawk’s call (Many a thousand)
Rheingans Sisters: This forest (Bright field)
Rowan Rheingans: What birds are (The lines we draw together)
Lady Maisery: Diggers‘ song (Cycle)
Rowan Rheingans: Sky (The lines we draw together)
Poor Man’s Lamentation (Songs of seperation: Reflections on the parting of ways)
Lady Maisery: Nottamun Fair (Weave and spin)
Maddy Prior, Hannah James & Giles Lewin: The Lucky Blackbird – House Of White Roses (Shortwinger)

More on this week’s choice of songs: https://norbert-knape.de/?p=322

More on Lady Maisery: https://norbert-knape.de/?p=309

28 Januar 2020

Jeffrey Foucault: Pretty hands (Blood Brothers) live https://youtu.be/Repc_1YqHW0
Sam Lewis: Neighbours (Solo) playlist https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcz1b_ICPoz-Qjj1kwn0hjE00SUVbaLiT
Amberly Chalberg: Wishing well (Hi-Line) https://youtu.be/nIHAloVsyHI
Lady Maisery: Honest work (Live) https://youtu.be/_DNFO21gVv0
Neil Bob Herd: Colour of history (Every soul a story) playlist https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx72KLt1E3pak5JdN3yxASw4NJZOqRXc4
Askew Sisters: Sweet Lemeney (Through lonersome woods) live https://youtu.be/tMF955CbsM4
Martyn Joseph: Cannons of christianity (Days of decision)
Ochs https://youtu.be/umCo8QjHLNw
Joseph https://youtu.be/7RCj_Ytr0y4
Jeffrey Foucault: War on the radio (Blood Brothers)
live https://youtu.be/1kDk0o80ScY
Haden Triplets: Memories of Will Rogers (The family songbook) https://youtu.be/BN3MYAYI97U
Warren Williams: The land you see (These are the changes) https://youtu.be/WALHDsrSXqQ
Sean Watkins & the Bee Eaters: I can still write you a song (This who we are) https://youtu.be/7fewPwntXes
Curse of Lono: I’d start a war for you (As I fell) https://youtu.be/HucHF0hFFuY
Terry Allen: All that’s left is fare thee well (Just like Moby) https://youtu.be/ju-DjddZvX8

11 Februar 2020

Haden Tripletts: Tiny broken heart (st) with Ry Cooder https://youtu.be/sTbTyiuVI1E
Petra Haden: Psycho (Petra gies to the movies) https://youtu.be/FIl7CkgYYMM
That Dog: Minneapolis (Retreat from the sun)
Petra Haden & Bill Frisell: John Hardy was a desperate little man (st)
Brian Eno / John Cale: Ring of fire
Haden Tripletts: I’ll fly away (Family songbook
)Paul Motian Trio: Windsmills of your mind (Windmills of your mind)
Terry Allen: Give me my flowers (Salivation)
Terry Allen: Bad kiss (Just like Moby Dick
Terry Allen: The heart of California (Smokin the dummy)
Terry Allen: Lucy’s tiger den (Amerasia)
Terry Allen: Harmony two (Just like Moby Dick)

25 Februar 2020

Possessed by Paul James: Dance with me tonight (As we go wandering)
Sam Lewis: Southern Greek Tragedy (Solo)
Nels Andrews: Memory compass (Pigeon and the crow)
Nels Andrews: Broken conversation ( Sunday shoes )
Elijah Ocean: Loveland (Back to the lander)
Trader Horne: Better than today (Morning way … plus)
Andrew Hawkey : Golden heart (on a rusty chain) (Long story short)
Cyril Neville: Sick and tired (New Orleans cookin)
Whiskey Treaty Roadshow: Rose on the vine (Band together)
Elijah Ocean: River of red (Back to the lander)
Lone Bellow: Enemies (Half moon light)
Lone Bellow: Good times (Half moon light)
Seth Lakeman: Sailing time (A pilgrim’s tale)
Sugar Shack: Morning Dew (People! Let’s Freak Out; The Irish Rock Rebellion 1963-1970)

10 März 2020

Puss n Boots: It’s not easy (Sister)
John Blek: Flame (The embers)
Ry Cavanaugh: Lost woman song (Time for this)
Hedy West: The foggy dew ( Ballads And Songs From The Appalachians)
Ry Cavanaugh: Help me doctor (Time for this)
Tami Neilson: Queenie, Queenie (Chickaboom)
Manfred Mann: She needs company (Machines EP)
Hazmat Modine: Get get out (Box of breath)
Jimi Hendrix: Gypsy eeys (Electric Ladyland)
Lovin Spoonful: Rain on the roof (Studio sessions)
Waco Brothers: No heart (Resist)
Chatham Singers: Got love if you want it (Kings of the Medway delty)
Califone: Bandicoot (Echo mine)
Kathryn Tickell: Four wishes (Signs)
Ornette Coleman: 3 wishes (Virgin beauty)

24 März 2020

Kevin Ayers: Champagne cowboy blues (Folk rock mavericks)
Alan Bown: Toyland ( A trip to toyland)
Vetiver: I know no pardon (To find me gone)
Fairport convention: Who knows where the time goes
Nadia Reid: I don’t wanna take anything from you (Out of my province)
Lost Brothers: Wilderness / After the fire (After the Fire After the Rain )
Hanging Stars: Three rolling hills (A new kind of sky)
Danberrys: Never gone (Shine)
Dom Flemons: The songster arrives / Going Backward Up The Mountain (Prospect Hill: The American Songster Omnibus)
Eric Burdon: The black plague

07 April 2020

Joan Baez: Hello in there (for John Prine)
Amy LaVere: Shipbuilding (Painting blue)
Sam Sweeney: Winter 350 (Unearth repeat)
Lilly Hiatt: Little believer (Walking proof)
Rowan Stuart: Sacred rhythm ( A map if forever)
Basia Bulat: Electric Roses (Are you in love)
Trilogy: The royal shut (I’m beginning to feel it)
Rachel Baiman: Until you came along (Rachel Baiman & Mike Wheeler – ‘The “Countin On You” Sessions)
Nora Jane Struthers: Take all your time (Bright lights, long drives, first words)
Unthanks: One by one (Diversions Vol. 5)
Maya Rae: New for me (Can You See Me)
Mapache: Me voy pa’l pueblo (From Libety Street)
James Elkington: Late Jim’s lament (ever-roving eye)

21 April 2020


John Prine: Spanish Pipedream (John Prine)
Bob Dylan: The lonesome death of Hattie Carol (Rolling Thunder tour)
JP: David and Lydia (John Prine)
Bob Dylan: People puttin people down, Rome 1991
Merle Travis: Nine pound hammer
Bonnie Raitt: Angel of Montgomery (Steve Goodman tribute)
Those Darlins: Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian (Broken hearts and dirty windows)
John Prine: Sabu visits the twin cities alone (Bruised orange)
John Prine & Patty Loveless: Bach street affair (In spite of ourselves)
John Prine: Some humans ain’t human (Fair and sqaure)
john Prine: When I get to heaven (The tree of forgiveness)
John Prine: Clay Pigeon (Fair and square)

05 Mai 2020

John Prine: Saigon (Pink Cadillac)
Steve Goodman: City of New Orleans (BBC Sessions, 8-8-1976).
Abigail Washburn & Wu Fei: Water is wide / Wusuli boat-song (st)
Eliza Gylkison: Peace in our hearts (2020)
Bob Dylan: I contain multitudes
Don Gallardo: the movie (The lonesome wild)
Paul Burch: Fool about me (Light sensitive)
Joe Ely: Garden of Manhattan (Love in the midst of mayhem)
Joe Edwards: Cross the line (Keep on running)
Ben Kunder: Berlin (Searching for the stranger)
Clem Snide: Sorry Charlie (Forever just beyond)
American Aquarium: A better south (Lamentations)

19 Mai 2020

Pretty Things: Rosalyn
Jon Langford: Quarrantine Rock
Buddy and Julie Miller: Bleach song
Chingon: Alacran y pistolero (Mexican spaghetti western)
Paul Burch: Marisol (Light sensitive)
Stripmail Ballads: Slinger (Distant)
Ward Richmond: Smile (Highly meditated)
American Aquarium: Starts with (Lamentations)
Danny Barnes: Juke (Man on fire)
Lowest Pair: Morning light (The perfect plan)
Rhinnan Giddens: Just the two of us
Siobhan Miller: May morning dew ( All is not forgotten)
Lau: Riad (Midnight and closedown)

02 Juni 2020

Mickey Newbury, new releases and Guitar Music

Meredith Miller Band: Frisco Depot (Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited)
Gretchen Peters: Why you Ben so Long (The Night you Write That Song)
Mickey Newbury: If you See her (I came to Hear the Music)
MN: She even woke me up to say goodbye (Looks like rain)

Pharis and Jason Romero: New Caledonia (Bet on love)
Fred Neil: Ba Di (The pother side of this life)
Aoife O‘Donovan: Lakes of Pontchartrain (Bull frogs croon)
Twinkle: Terry (Girl in a million)

Grant Green: Old folks (Retrospective 161–66)
Robbie Basho: Night way (Songs of the Great Mystery)
Joycelin Gould: All too soon (Elegant traveler)
Sibanda: Guabi Guabi (African Guitar box)

16 Juni 2020

Sarah Jarosz: Hometown ( World on the ground)
Amberly Chalberg: Wishing well
Blabbermouth vs. Lachlan Young: Cosmic3logy ( The edge of reason)
Little Sparta & Sally Times: Two shores (Lost boat party)
Anton and the Colts: Boy living for the weekend
I see hawks in LA & Great Willow: Radio keeps me on the ground
GF Patrick: Refugee‘s plea / James McGovern (One town over)
Neil Young: Try (Homestead)
Spectres: Hurdy gurdy man (A slight disturbance in my mind)
Kirkbys: It‘s a crime (A slight …)
Chuck Prophet: Willie and Millie (The land that time forgot)
Paisley Fields: Other boys (Electric Park Ballroom)
GF Patrick: James McGovern (One town over

30 Juni 2020

Bob Dylan: Goodbye Jimmy Reed (Rough and rowdy day)
Neil Young: Little wing (Homegrown)
Mekons: What happened to Delilah (Exqusite)
Dick Taylor And The Red Squirls: Edith Grove (Rolling Stone – Life and death of Brian Jones)
Pretty Things: A house in the country (A slight disturbance in my m ind)
Brigid Mae Power: Not yours to own (Head above the water)
Larkin Poe: Every bird that flies (Self made man)
Norah Jones: I am alive (Pick me up off the floor)
Three Johns: You‘ll never walk alone (Peel session 1981/07/21)
Justin Wells: Some distance fr9m it all ( The united state)
Simansky Niesner: Little Amber (Imaginal anthems overseas edition)
Dan Hubbard: Hotshot
Nick Lowe: Here comes that feeling (Lay it on. Me)
Kai Clark: Eight miles higher (Silver raven)

14 Juli 2020

John Kelly: Let the children sing (In between)
Kristen Grainger and True North: Ghost of Abuelito (Ghost tattoo)
Bronnwynne Brent: If you go away (Undercover)
Yo Yo Ma: Voila! (Goat and rodeo) stuart duncan, edrag meye, chris thile
Alasdair Roberts: Ice age (Songs of my boyhood)
Will Hoge: All the pretty horses (Tiny little movies)
Daniel Nestlerode: Being a boy (Windrush)
Corb Lund: Oklahomans! (agricultural Tragedy)
Dead Rock west: Long time gone (Glitter and gold)
Magpies: Shuffle set (The tiding)
Daniel Nestlerode: Windrush (Windrush)
Immigrant Union: You don‘t need it (Judas)

28 Juli 2020

Special: Irony

Randy Newman: God’s song (Sail away)
Kinky Friedman: We reserve the right to refuse service to you (Sold American)
Robert Wyatt : Strange Fruit (Nothing can stop us)
Allison Krauss: Walk all over god´s heaven (AK and gehe Cox Family)
Todd Snider: A boy named Sue (Twistable, turnable man)
Shel Silverstein: Father of a boy named Sue (A retrospective)
Jimi Hendrix: Star spangled banner (Plays Berkeley)
John Fogerty: Deja vu (Deja vu)
Patsy Cline: I love you honey
Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty: You’re the reason our kids are ugly
Bill Currington: Like my dog (Enjoy yourself)
John Prine: In spite of ourselves it iris dememnt
Steve Goodman: You never even called me by name (No big surprise)
Daniel Romano: Middle child (Come cry with me)
Robbie fulks: Scrapple song (Country love song)

11 August 2020

Margo Price: Prisoner of the highway (That‘s how rumours get started)
Jayhawks: Down to the farm (XOXO)
Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings: Ginseng Sullivan (All the good times) norman #
Richard Thompson: The fortress (Bloody noses)
G.F. Patrick: Butterfly Effect (One town over)
Paddy Dennehy: Abednego (Little light)
Josh Kimbrough_ Booker Creek Ripple (Slither, Soar & Disappear)
Ray Wylie Hubbard: Mississippi John Hurt (Co-starring)
Wally Cox: There is a tavern in the town
New Tweedy Brothers: Someone just passsed by
Tweedy Brothers: Ida Reed (Old-time music of west virginia vol. 2)
Danny Schmidt:A prayer for the sane ( single)
Mac Rabenneck: Storm warning (Bo did it 2)

25 August 2020

Neil Young: Looking for a leader
Gillian Welch: Shotgun song (Lost songs, Vol 1, Boots No.2)
Kris Delmhorst: Hanging garden (Long day in the milky way)
Rapidgrass: Bow Valley Breakdown (Take him river)
Daphne‘s Flight: Rogue rider (on arrival)
Dave Simonett: Pisces, queen of heart (Red taul)
Glenn Thomas: Oriole (Reassure me there‘s a window)
Orville Peck: Fancy (Show Pony)
Daniel Romano: They haven‘t got a word for that yet (Content to point the way)
That Dog:When we were young (Old)
Magpie: Saco‘s letter t9 his son (Folk song America)
Lyn Har dy of the Rude Girls: The ballad of Francine Hughes (Folk song America)
Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate: Duelling banjos (The ripple effect)

08 Sept. 2020

All Them Witches: The urn (Our mother electriciry)
Kate Magdalena: Downtown (Water is wide)
Andi Rae Healy and the Black River Bullies: This is not a sad song (Last time I checked this was a free world and I wasn‘t anybody‘s girl)

Special: Knoxville Girl

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: The Berkshire Tragedy (Starry Gazy Pie)
Handsome Family: Knoxville Girl (Smothered and covered)
Ella Hughes: Bloody Miller (The Pine Breeze Recordings)
Boxmasters: Knoxville Girl (The Boxmasters)
Chales Louvin & Will Oldham: Knoxville Girl (Charlie Louvin)
GG Allin: Watch me kill (Topic)

Mean Mary: Breathless (Alone)
Scott Cook: Say can you see (Tangle of soul)
Ben Bedford: Amelia (Portraits)

22 September 2020


06 Oktober 2020

Texicana Mamas: Amigas de corazon (st)
Jon Langford: Losers (Lucky seven series vol.1)
Murder By Death: The moon is up (Pandemophenia)
Banditos: Keep on smilin (Pandemophenia)
Sylvie Simmons: 1000 years before I met you (Blue on blue)
Palace: Gulf shores (Mountain ep)
Half Gringa: Teggsas (Force to reckon)
Avett Brothers: I shoul‘ve spent the day with my family (The third gleam)
Shovels and Rope: The wire (By blood)
Shelagh McDonald: Mirage (Let n o man steal your time)
Shelagh McDonald: Good times(Let no man steal your time)
Joshua Burnside: Whiskey whiskey (Into the depths of hell)
New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers: Come on down to my house (Vol. 1)
Joshua Burnside: Driving alone in the city at night (Into the depths of hell)

20 Oktober 2020

Special: Rolling Stones: Their satanic majesty’s requests

Kathy Lepore: Dandelion (Boston … gets stoned)
Orange Bicycle: Sing this all together (single 1968)
Damned: Citadel (Friday 13th ep)
Rolling Stones: In another land (Their satanic majesty’s requests)
Gourds: 2000 man (live: 4. Sept. 2002)
Grassmasters: 2000 man (Stones grass)
Molly Tuttle: She’s a rainbow (but I’d rather be with you)
Mac Rybell: The Lantern (Brazilian guitar fuzz bananas)
Rolling Stones: Gomper (Their satanic majesty’s requests)
Dan: 2000 light years from home (Rare Trax No. 4 – Sing this all together)
Blumen ohne Duft: We love you (The ghost of Brian – The Brian Jones memorial album)
Miranda Lee Richards: Dandelion (The Herethereafter)
Prisoner of Mars: In another land (Their satanic majesty’s requests)
Mekons: Heart of stone (So good it hurts)

03 November 2020

Jon Langford: Losers
Diana Jones: We believe you (Song to a refugee)
Thee Holy Brothers: Let the great world spin (My name is Sparkle)
Pretty Things: Ain`t no grave (Bare as bone, bright as blood)
Gillian Welch: Picasso (Boots No. 2)
Waylon Payne: Sins of the fathers (Blue Eyes, The Harlot, The Queer, The Pusher & Me)
Sammi Smith: Help me make it through the night
Bonnie Whitmore: Asked for it (Last will and Testament)
Rupert Wates: And you shall have the world (Lamentations)
Chris Smither: I am the ride (More from the levee)
Kris Drever: Westlin winds (Where the world is thin)
Joachim Cooder: Rabbit in the pea patch (Over that road I‘m bound)
Marc Ribot: Hippies are not nice anymore (What we did on our long ‚vacation‘)

17 November 2020

Dirk Powell: Ain‘t playing Pretty Polly anymore When I wait for you)
Becky Warren: Me and these jeans (The sick season)
Jacqui McShee & Kevin Dempsey: Frankie (From There To Here)
Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy: Wish you were gay
Los Brujos: Everything I can (Alchemy)
Bean Pickers Union: Philemon (Archeology)
Green Monroe: Boston (Reprisination (Reduce Reuse Reprise))
Pawn Shop Saints: You don‘t know the Cumberland (Ordinary Folks)
Old Kerry McKee: House of the rising sun (Mono secular sounds)
Mekons: Wordsworth‘s grave (Brackenrigg EP)
Jeremy Spencer: The sky is crying (Live in the studio)
John Zorn, Petra Haden and Jesse Harris : Lost in the rain (Songs For Petra)
Susan Werner: To be there (Flyover country

01 Dezember 2020

Steve Mayone: Missouri loves company (Mayone)
Peach and Quiet: Shoreline after the storm (Just beyond the shine)
Joni Mitchell: Nancy Whiskey (Archives)
Rheingans Sisters: One more banjo (Receiver)
Jeff Tweedy: Natural disaster (Love is the king)
Fay Hield: Hare Spell (Wreckline)
Trees: Sally free and easy (Trees)
Giulia Millanta: Violet (Tomorrow is a bird)
Tawney Newsome & Bethany Thomas: Juneteeth (Material Flats)
Martin Simpson: October song (Home recording)
Andrew Bird: Oh holy night (Hark!)
Craig Smith: Black swan (Apache – Inca)

15 Dezember 2020

Anton O‘Donnell: New Year or Halloween (Christmas ain‘t the same)
Phoebe Bridgers: If we make it through december
Ed Dupas: This old heart
Anna Elizabeth Laube: Jardim da Estrela (Annamania)
Scott H. Biram: Can‘t stay Long (Fever dreams) texa
Morton Valence: Black eyed Susan (Black angel drifter)
Morton valence: John Young (Bob and Veronica ride again)
Don & Dewey: Baby gotta party (Jungle Hop)
Primitives: Way behind me (Girls go power pop)
Iam Skelly: Gold in the mud (Drifter‘s skyline)
Bonnie Prince Billy & Bill Callahan: Our anniversary
Skyway Man: Night walking, alone (The world only ends when you die)
Kelsey Waldon: Ohio (They‘ll never keep us down)

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