07 Jan 2004

Scott Miller: Second chance (Upside downside)
Eric Westbury: Wise man watching (Burnt Tongues and blue truths)
Joan Baez: Caleb Meyer (Dark chords on a big guitar)
Steve Earle: Christmas in Washington (Just an american boy)
Great Speckled Bird: Long long time to get old / Rio grande (same title – 1969)
DM Bob and the Deficits: Name game (Cajun Creole Hot nuts)
South San Gabriel: Ninety secretaries down (Songs/Music)
Mekons: Work all week / The building / Never been in a riot (Punk Rock)
Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel: White birch (Oh the stories we hold)
David Childers: Room#23 (Room #23)
Missouri: Every single day ( it’s a glow-in-in-the-dark good time)

21 Jan 2004

Gourds: Are you ready for the country? (live)
Rick Shea: Summerwine (Our Shangri-La)
Eagle-Eye Cherry, Vernon Reid & James Blood Ulmer: Down in Mississippi ((VA. The soul of a man)
Richard Dobson: A river will do (a river will do)
Richard Dobson: Homemade kites (a river will do)
Magokura Bothers: My back pages (Masked and anonymous)
Kathy Louvin/Pamela Brown: I wish you knew (Livin lovin losin – Louvin Brothers tribute
Hank Williams: Hey good looking (Box)
Charlie Rich: Hey god looking (Country got soul)
Del McCoury: Hillcrest drive (It’s just the night)
Resentments: Rhumba Boogie (Sunday night line-up)
Jayhawks: All the right reasons (Rainy day music)
Bingo: Twinkle, twinkle (The cicada and other stories)

04 Feb 2004


Amarillo Highway (Lubbock on everything)
Randy Thompson: The lovin shown (That’s not me)
Trip Rogers: Spank the plank (Mainline)
Cantina Carlotta (Juarez)
Oui (Lubbock on everything)
Gimme a ride to heaven boy (Bloodlines)
Wayne Hancock: Back to black (Chippy)
Amerasia, Swanlake, Display woman-Displaced man (Amerasia)
I love Germany (Silent majority – greatest missed hits)
What of Alicia (Human remains)
Crisis Site 13 (Hr)
Red leg boy (Salivation)

18 Feb 2004

Ryan Adams: Wish you were here
RA: Afraid not scared,
Johnny Cash. Where the soul of man never dies
JC: Pocahontas
JC: Devil’s right hand
JC: Redemption song
Erdmöbel: In den Schuhen von Audrey Hepburn,
Erdmöbel: Dreierbahn
Drive By Truckers: My sweet Annette,
DBT: Careless
Fugs: Septuagenarian in Love
Fugs: Miriam
Fugs: Ultimate things
Iain Matthews.
Frank Blevins & his Tar Heel rattlers: Sally Ann

03 März 2004

Tennessee Boltsmokers: Never be mine ( Songs from the floor)
Rodney Crowell: Fate’s right hand (Fate’s right hand)
Billy Joe Shaver: Try and try again (Try and try again)
Colin Gilmore: 2150 (The day the world stopped and spun the other way)
Peter Holsapple: Still be around (For anyone – Uncle Tupelo tribute)
Duane Jarvis & Dave Coleman: New Madrid (For anyone – Uncle Tupelo tribute)
Johnny Cash: Flesh and blood (Unearthed)
Barnes Boogie Train: Rumble in Brighton (st)
Jessica Blake: Thank you for the ride (Take your time)
Shania Twain & Alison Krauss: Coat of many colours (Just because I’m a woman)
Joan Osborne Do I ever cross your mind (Just because I’m a woman)
Toni Price: Black and blue heart ( Born to be blue)
Jenny Queen: Between the riverbank and the highway (Girls who cry need cake)
Jimmy and Jennmy Eaves: Beer on the bar (Listening to the bluebird sing)

17 März 2004

Greg Brown: Who woulda thunk it (If I had known)
Tennessee Boltsmokers: Carry me away ( Songs from the floor)
Jon Langford: Constanz (all the fame of lofty deeds)
Hank Quillen: Looking through American glass blues (Wings of freedom)
Bob Livingston: Mahatma Ghandi and Sitting Bull
Beatles: Tell me what you see (Help)
White Stripes: Don’t know what to do with myself (Elephant)
Catherine Irwin: (Cut yourself a switch)
Elvis Presley: I don’t care if the sun don’t shine (Complete 50s masters)
Gillian Welch: One monkey (Soul journey)
Victoria Williams: As time goes by (sings some ol songs)
Eleventh Dream Day: Tarantula(Prairie School Freakout)
Greg Brown: Downtown (If I had known)
Paul Burch: Last time I fell (Fol for love)

31 März 2004

Ronnie Lane: How come
Paula Frazer: The hand (A place where I know)
Anny Celsi: Summer fling (Little black dress)
Country Joe: Starship Ride (Superstitious Blues)
Barry Melton: The sun is shining
Korby Lenker: Angels rejoiced last night (Bellingham)
Tammy Rogers & Don Heffington: Flaco’s farewell (In the red)
Korby Lenker: Shed a little light
Blacks: How he cried
Asylum Street Spankers: Antifeeze
Jon Langford: Sputnik 57
Gram Parsons: Christian Life (Sweetheart of the rodeo)
Louvin Brothers: You’re running wild (When I stop dreaming)
Multiboy: Someone always dies (Land of the kantrie giants)

13 April 2004

Graham Parker: Fairground (Your country)
Graham Parker: Cruel Lips
Dollar Store: Enemy
Dollar Store: Believe
Meat Purveyors: Whiskey before breakfast (Beans n sweepins)
Meat Purveyors: Working on a building
Jon Rauhouse: Smoke rings (w. Kelly Hogan) (Steel guitar rodeo)
Jon Rauhouse: Indian love call
Lisa Redford: Turn away (Slipstream)
Korby Lenker: Right this time (Bellingham)
Rodney Crowell: Ridin out the storm (Fate’s right hand)
Victoria Williams: I’m old fashioned
Tish Hinojosa: Taos to Tennessee (Taos to Tennessee)
Drive By Truckers: Panties in your purse (Gangstabilly)

28 April 2004

Tarbox Ramblers: No night there
Eddie Spaghetti: Sea of heartbreak
Duchess of Hazard: Muzukasjii, baby
Adrienne Young: Nibber’s corner
Adrienne young: Conestoga
Creekdippers: Betsy Dupree
Franz Ferdinand: 40ft
Sammy Sadler: That ole gravel road
Three Johns: The world of the workers
Uncle Dave & waco Brothers: Table for one
Bonnie Prince Billy: Horses
Norah Jones: The long way home
Flatlanders: Indian Cowboy
Tarbox Ramblers: Ashes to ashes

26 Mai 2004

Flatlanders: Whistle blues (Wheels of fortune)
Josh Ritter: You don’t make it easy baby (hell starling)
PVC: I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart (Barn Dance Favorites)
Cracker/Leftover Salmon: Teen Angst
Nancy Sinatra: Bang bang
PVC: Dixie Cannonball (Barn Dance Favorites)
Big Lou: Two guitars/Dark eyes (Dogs playing polka)
Tanya Dennis: He feels guilty (Apartment #9)
Brick Road Ramblers: Friend of the devil (Live at lock 3)
Barb Waters: Make it count (Rosa duet)
Dayna Kurtz: Somebody leave a light on (Postcards from downstairs)
DK: Satisfied
Gypsy Moths: The funk
Jerry Jeff Walker: May music be your wings (Gypsy songman)

09 Juni 2004

Tarbox Ramblers: Already gone
Ad Vanderveen: Lottery of love
Markus Rill: Hobo Dream
Resentments: Rich man’s war
Creekdippers: Portrait of a sick America
Barb Waters: Further down the line
Beasts of Bourbon: the day Marty Robbins died
Marty Robbins: ballad of the Alamo
Jim White: Combing my hair in a brand new style
Lisa O’Kane: Settle down / Little white lies
Beck: I’m so glad
Big Lou: Is anything better than beer (Dogs playing polka)

23 juni 2004

Loretta Lynn: Coal miner’s daughter
Loretta Lynn: Van Lear Rose (Van Lear Rose)
Loretta Lynn: Portland Oregon
Jim Lauderdale: Sandy Ford (Headed for the hills)
Grateful Dead: Dire wolf
Jim White: Borrowed wings (Drill a whole)
Keith Blocker: She’s hangin it up
Creekdippers: End of the highway (Political manifest)
Slaid Cleaves: Sinners prayer
Stands: Here she comes again
Shins: Mine’s not a high horse
Sam Bush: 8 more miles to Louisville (King of my world)
Roots live: Resentments, OBS Beverungen 2004

07 Juli 2004

Garcia/Grisman: Stealin (Shady Grove)
Old and in the way: Lonesome LA Cowboy (That high lonesome sound)
Phish: Water in the sky (The story of the ghost)
String Cheese Incident: Shenandoah Breakdown (Carnival 99)
Leftover Salmon: Are you sure Hank done it that way (Nashville)
Sam Bush: Spirit ist he journey (King of my world)
Donna the Buffalo: Life is strange (Rockin in the weary land)
Jim Lauderdale & Donna the Buffalo: Different kind of lightning
Jim Lauderdale: We really shouldn’t be doing this ( Onward through it all)
Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley: Another siner’s prayer ( Feel like singing today)
Jim Lauderdale & Robert Hunter: Head for the sun (Headed for the hills)
Railroad Earth: Storms (The good life)
Band of Blacky Ranchette: Play an old guitar

21 Juli 2004

Skip Spence: Cripple Creek (Oar)
Michael Nesmith: Silver moon (Loose salute)
Skip Spence: Little hands (Oar)
Skip Spence: Dixie peach promenade (Oar)
Jay Farrar: Weighted down (the prison song) (more oar)
Beck: Halo of gold (more oar)
Michael Nesmith: Texas morning (Nevada fighter)
Michael Nesmith: Two different roads (And the hits just keep on comin)
Scott McKnight: Sunny girlfriend(Pap Nez)
Western Electric: Sweet young thing (Pap Nez)
Mark Sheehy: The demise of Eric Johnson (Rock paper Jesus)
Mark Sheehy: you and me (Rock paper Jesus)
Michael Carpenter: You and me (Rolling ball)
Michael Carpenter: Emily says (Rolling ball)

04 Aug 2004

Rolling Stones. Salt of the earth (Beggar’s Banquet)
Bob Dylan: Man in me (Big Lebowski)
Townes van Zandt: Dead flowers (Big Lebowski)
T-Bone Burnett: The murder weapon (Proof through the night)
Jack White: Wayfaring stranger (Cold mountain)
Allison Krauss: You will be my ain true love (Cold mountain)
Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon: Atomic power (Prairie home invasion)
Rank and File: Rank and file (Tut’s Chicago, 5.5.83)
Redlands Palomino Co: Get on the train (By the time you hear this)
Redlands Palomino Co: Devil in my head (By the time you hear this)
Califone: Slow right hand (Roomsound)
Sacred Harp Singers: Iduema (Cold Mountain)
Cordelia’s Dad: Idumea (How can I sleep?)

18 Aug 2004

Dave McCann: Timber Road (Country medicine)
Sacred Harp Singers: I’m going home (Cold mountain)
Tim Eriksen: Am I born to die (Cold mountain)
Robert Belfour: My baby’s gone (Big bad love)
Kenny Brown: Boxcar blues (Big bad love)
Split Lip Rayfield: Promise not to tell (Should have seen it coming)
Split Lip Rayfield: Union man
Bobby Bare jr.: Let’s rock n roll (From the end of your leash)
Nora O’Connor: Ok with me (Til the dawn)
Nora O’Connor: Bottoms(Til the dawn)
Kasey Chambers: Pony (Wayward angel)
Kasey Chambers: Follow you home (Wayward angel)
Rosie Flores: Aromatherapy cowgirl (Single rose)
Dave McCann: Locomotive breath (Country medicine)
Bobby Bare jr.: Hidden track (From the end of your leash)

01 Sept 2004

Dave Alvin: Ashgrove (Ashgrove)
Knitters: Silver wings (Poor little critter on the road – 1985)
Dave Alvin: Everett Ruess (Ashgrove)
Tex Ritter: Rye Whiskey
Blue Mountain: Rye Whiskey (Roots)
Meat Purveyors: Cold hard rain (Pain by numbers)
Meat Purveyors: Amanda Ruth (Pain by numbers)
Los Loneley Boys: Castanets (Por vida)
Jayhawks: Last to Know (Por vida)
Bob Neuwirth: Rosalie (Por vida)
Wilco: Hummingbird (Ghost)
Emmylou Harris: Cajun born (Luxury liner)
Tres Chicas: Heartbeat (Sweetwater)

15 Sept 2004

Steve Earle: Seeker (Revolution now)
Sally Timms: 139 Hermansler Gürtel (The world of him)
Steve Earle: Rich man’s war (Revolution now)
Sally Timms: Bomb (The world of him)
Buddy Miller: With god on our side
Waco Brothers: I fought the law (Uncut – Clash Tribute Sampler)
Gurf Morlix: Were you lyin down (Cut n shoot)
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch: Hillbilly Blue (You can’t save everybody)
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch: Just like that (You can’t save everybody)
Teenage Fanclub: Gene Clark (13)
Vogues: Five o’clock world (Greatest hits)
Loudon Wainwright III: Housework (Grown man)
Emmylou Harris: Hard times (At the Ryman)

29 Sept 2004

ASSEN: Takeroot-Festival:

Sadies: Lay down your arms (Stories often told)
Cowboy Junkies: My wild child (One soul now)
Giant sand: Down on town (Valley of rain)
Band of Blacky Ranchette: The wrong man (1st)
Johnny Dowd: Vengeance is mine (Temporary shelter)
Legendary Shack Shakers: Wild wild lover (Cockadoodledon’t)
Sadies: Tiger Tiger
Psychedelic Cowboys: Hippie girls and sipping whiskey (Tragic songs and hop-a-longs)
Psychedelic Cowboys: California Country Scene
Beachwood Sparks: Old Manatee (Once we were trees)
I See Hawks In LA: I stayed away (Grapevine)
I See Hawks In LA: Still want you
Lauran Sheehan: C C Rider (Some old lonesome day) 2003

13 Okt 2004

Buddy Miller: Don’t wait (Universal united house of prayer)
Markus Rill: Heartbreak town (Hobo Dream)
Last Train Home: Quarter to 3 (Time and water)
Patty Loveless: You’ll never leave Harlan alive
Steve Earle: Harlan Man
Marty Stuart: Harlan county
Gillian Welch:Revelator
Steve Earle: Rich man’s war (Revolution starts now)
Buddy Miller: Higher Power (Universal united house of prayer)
Mississippi John Hurt: C C Rider
Mitch Ryder: CC Rider
Markus Rill: Rose’s song(Hobo Dream)

27 Okt 2004

Foghorn Stringband: Best Timber (Reap what you sow)
FSB:Dying Hobo
Eleni Mandell:Just a dream (Afternoon)
Nels Andrews: Jesse’s Mom (Sunday shoes)
Cadillac Hitmen: Two in the hat (Two in the hat)
Mekons: Ghosts of american astronauts (The very best of)
Mekons: Big Zombie
Amelia White: Black doves (Candy heart)
Steve Mayone: The sweetest thing (Bedroom rockstar)
Shawn Colvin: Single Girl, married girl (Unbroken circle)
Brass Monkey: Maid and the Palmer (The complete Brass Monkey)
Darden Smith: Late train to London (Circo

10 Nov 2004

John Peel Special

Undertones: Teenage Kicks
Bridget St. John: To b without a hitch
Liverpool Scene: Percy Parslow’s hamster farm
T.Rex: 20th century boy
Jimi Hendrix: Radio One Theme
FSK: Don’t pass me by
Mekons: Sophie
Laura Cantrell: Early years
Blood On the saddle: Single girl again
Blaine Reininger: El Paso
Jon Wayne: Texas Wine
Billy Bragg: New England
Silicon Teens: Memphis Tennessee
Neko Case: South Tacoma way
Culture: Lion Rock

24 Nov 2004

Sadies Interview plus:

Helldorado: The snake girl song (director’s cut)
Tony Joe White: High sheriff of Calhoun Parish (Country got soul)
Jesse Sykes: Oh my girl (Oh my girl)
Sadies: Song of the chief musician (Favourite colours)
Sadies: Only you and your eyes (Favourite colours)
Sadies: Dying is easy (1st)
Andre Williams & Sadies: Weapon of massdestruction
Jason Ringenberg: Chief Joseph’s last dream (empire builders)
New Pornographers: All for swinging you around
Corn Sister: No more for you (The other women)
Tony Joe White: Ice cream man (The heroines)
Tom Waits: Blind love
Heinrich: Norwegian wood
John Fogerty: Sugar Sugar (Déjà vu all over again)

08 Dez 2004

Kevin Coyne & Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Saviour
Kevin Coyne: Singing the blues
Los Lonely Boys: Heaven
Mekons: Hole in the ground (Honky tonkin)
Jesse Sykes: Weary Blues (Wanda Jackson Tribute: Hard headed woman)
Trailer Bride: Fujijama Mama (Hard headed woman)
Bottle Rockets: Kickin our hearts around (Hard headed woman)
Gourds: Lower 48
Gourds: TTT Gas (Blood on the ram)
Richard Buckner: A chance counsel
Hank Williams: Ramblin Man
FSK: Ramblin Man

22 Dez 2004

Geezers: Folsom Prison Blues (Rockabilly psychosis & the garage disease)
Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Barn Dance Favorites
Jon Rauhouse: Wishin (Steel guitar rodeo)
Creekdippers: Poor GW (Political Manifest)
Loretta Lynn: Trouble on the line (Van Lear Rose)
Sally Timms: Sentimental marching song (World of him)
John Cale: She doesn’t live here anymore (Por Vida)
Jim Lauderdale: Crazy Peg and Darby Doyle (Headed for the hills)
I See Hawks In LA: Hitchhiker
Shins: Mine’s not a high horse
Jim White: If Jesus drove a motor home (Drill a whole)
Ralston: Grace (Carwreck conversations)
Mekons: What (Punk Rock)
Cracker / Leftover Salmon: Low (Oh Cracker where art thou?)

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