09 Jan 2002

Bloodshot 2001

Asylum Street Spankers: Winning the war on drugs
Wayne Hancock: Old man winter’s gonna rock n roll tonight
Kelly Hogan: Speedfreak lullaby
Neko Case: Alone and forsaken
Sadies: The last of the good
Yayhoos: What are we waiting for
Sons of the Pioneers: Bound for the Rio Grande
Alejandro Escovedo: Castanets
Split Lip Rayfield: Kiss of death
Trailer Bride: Ghost of Mae West
Robbie Fulks: Burn on love fire
Asylum Street Spankers: Orion
Spigot: Mending the nets
Robert McCreedy: Something’s wrong
June Star: Felled

23 jan 2002

Robbie Fulks

Liverpool Scene: Burdock River Run
Robbie Fulks: The Buck Starts Here
RF: She Took A Lot Of Pills And Died
RF: She Must Think I Like Poetry
RF: God Isn’t Real
RF: Dancing On The Ashes
RF: Real Money
RF: Wedding Of The Bugs
RF: Fuck This Town
Brenda Freed: My Human Loves Me
Brenda Freed: Don’t Let The Sun Go Down
Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pederson: Things We Said Today
Pentangle: Train Song

06 Feb 2002

Sopwith Camel: Hello hello
Jolene: Drown in small cowgirl boots
Chip Taylor / Jon Langford: Brixton
Mekons: Chivalry
Los de Abajo: Joder
Tarbox Ramblers: Honey in the rock
Austin Lounge Lizards: Ballad of Ronald Reaga
Asylum Street Spankers: UFO atack
Johnny Dowd: Golden rule
Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel: Besame mucho
Friends of Dean Martinez: Pollyanna
geraldine Fibbers: California Tuffy
Grateful Dead: Morning Dew
Bela Fleck: Mondscheinsonate

20 Feb 2002

Bottle Rockets: I’m not that kat anymore
Plainsong: Amelia Earhart’s last flight
Plainsong: I’ll fly away
Ned Sublette. Something to lose
Ryan Adams: Sweet black magic
Shaver: Evergreen fields
Demolition String Band: Like a prayer
Jon Langford: Tennessee Flat-Top Box
Bottle Rockets: Lawd I’m just a country boy in this great freaky city
Earl Musick: Doing things
Jim Kitson: Idiot
Jim Kitson: Mr. Sweet
Michelle Shocked: One piece at a time
Rob Wasserman & Lou Reed: One for my baby (and one more for the road)

06 März 2002

Janet Bean : The Snakes Crawl at Night
Tilman Rossmy Quartett: Orange Blossom Special
Queen of Japan: Wanted Man
Hack Mack Jackson: Rusty cage
Brooklyn Cowboys: The Ballad Of Dale Earnhardt
Karen Poston: You Wish
Penny Jo Pullus: Cajun Casanova
Jesse Dayton: Wayward Soul
Puerto Muerto : The Hangman’s Song
Jon Langford and Sally Timms : The Plans We Made
Steve Earle : Tom Dooley
Jon Langford: Perfect Nanny
Jon Langford: The Fox
Jon Langford: Oranges And Lemons

20 März 2002

Gourds: Bean ball
Johnny Dowd: Judgement day
Johnny Dowd: Separate beds
Rico Bell: Working Class Hero
Rico Bell: I’ll go on living (till I die)
Kev Russell’s Junker: Blackfoot
Kev Russell’s Junker: Shootie Rag
Chris Hillman: No one else
Trailer Bride: Wilderness
Greg Trooper: Damaged eyes
Ranselmann: Klaus Braun
Johnny Cash: Chicken in black
Uncle Tupelo: Susie Q

03 April 2002

Faithless street
Take your guns to town
16 Days
Houses on the hill
Don’t wanna know why
I don’t wanna work
My winding wheel
Sweet blackmagic
New York
Kev Russell’s Junker: That’s Entertainment

17 April 2002

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Awake
Daytonas: Baked beans and chickens
Gourds: Everybody’s missing the sun
Gourds: Ziggy Stardust
David Grisman Quintett: Grateful Dawg
Leftover Salmon: Paint it black
Tuesdays: Can’t take it with you
Veranda Music: Water of Love
Johnny Dowd: True love
Go To Blazes: Bloody Sam
Tim Buckley: Buzzin fly

15 mai 2002

Band: This wheels’s on fire
Rick Nelson: Night train to Memphis
Rick Nelson: Things you gave me
Clarence White. I am a pilgrim
Blood Oranges: Little Maggie
Blood Oranges: Titanic
Scott McClatchy: Radio
Jon Langford &PVC: Tom Dooley
Meat Purveyors: Hangman
Rico Bell: Been a long time
Los Banditos: Django
Falcons : Sombrero del Diablo
Sadies: East winds
Band : Up on Cripple Creek
Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers: Humningbird

29 Mai 2002

Caitlin Cary: Please don’t hurt your heart
Christy McWilson: 805
Moby Grape: Fall on you
Kelly Kessler: You are my sunshine
Kelly Kessler: Point of no return
Viktor Krummenacher: Questa sunset
Wilco: War on war
Wilco: I’m the man who loves you
Keny Butterill: Back to Canada
Kenny Butterill: The Townes you left behind
Gourds: I’m troubled
Isolation Years: Cold morning
Cary Hudson: August afternoon
Caitlin Cary: Trickle of whiskey

12 juni 2002

Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers

OHRCD: Still we have a friend in you (December’s child)
OHRCD: Cedric Harper (Zola and the tulip tree)
OHRCD: Big old sign (Zola)
Victoria Williams: Boogieman (Swing the statue)
Victoria Williams: Kashmir’s corn (Musings of a creek dipper)
Alejandro Escovedo: With these hands
Darrel Arnold: 50 dollars of love
Coal Palace Kings: Stubborn
OHRCD: Owens valley Day (Pacific Coast Rambler)
OHRCD: Elijah (pcr)
OHRCD: Ben Johnson’s Creek (My own Joe Ellen)
OHRCD: My own Jo Ellen (Joe Ellen)
OHRCD: Say you’ll be mine (Dec)
Coal Palace Kings: Cascade

26 Juni 2002

Gourds: Two girls
Stratochief: Brother 12
Alejandro Escovedo: Hard road
Alejandro Escovedo: Mexico americano
Country Gentlemen: Leaves that are green
Old And In The Grey: Lonesome LA Cowboy
Traffic: John Barleycorn must die
Johnny Dowd: Vietnam
Patsy Cline: South of the border
Kelly Kessler: Your darling ain’t done shit today
Kelly Kessler: Well of tears
Original Harmony Ridge Creek dippers: Climb these steps
Cary Hudson: Free state of Jones

10 Juli 2002

Texicans: Desert flower
Darrell Arnold: Nothin ventured
Darlin and Rose: Crossing the bar
Mary Gauthier: Goodbye
Mary Gauthier: Christmas in paradise
Damnations: Wanna be your mamma
Honeydogs: Rosie Flores came to Town
One Bar Town: 1997
Jancee Pornick Casino: Surfing with the russians
Mimi & Richard Farina: Pack up your sorrows
Mimi & Richard Farina: One way ticket
Kenny Butterill: Balsam lake
Jancee Pornick Casino: Move it
Damnations: Time to go home
OP8: Sand

24 Juli 2002

Calexico: Ballad of Cable Hogue
Calexico: All the pretty little horses
Calexico: 64 Ford Fairlane
Calexico: Crawlspace
Calexico: Crystal frontier
Calexico: Crystal frontier (acoustic)
Calexico: Wash
Calexico: Mazurka
Calexico: El Picador
Mekons: Take his name in vain
Mekons: Lone Pilgrim
Lisa O’Kane: Wall of Tears
Lisa O’Kane: Old crossroad is waitin
Mike Runnels:I’m outa here
Hank Cochran: When cotton was king
Waco Bothers: New moon
Tombstone Trailerpark: Tangle for your tears

07 Aug 2002

Meat Purveyors: SOS
Jason Ringenberg: I dreamed my baby came home
Rosie Flores: Red red Robin
One Riot One Ranger: Hinky dinky dee
Chuck Prophet: That’s how much I need your love
Dan Stuart: La Passionara
Sandy Madaris: Been so long
Corndaddy: Delaware
John Hartford: Big Rock Candy mountain
Bobby Bare jr: The monk at the disco
Bobby Bare jr: Stay in Texas
Anna Fermin & PVC: Faded love
Grateful Dead: In the pines
Grateful Dead: Cold rain and snow

04 Sept 2002

Mickey Newbury: I came to hear the music
Mickey Newbury: San Francisco Mabel Joy
Mickey Newbury: American anthem
Mickey Newbury: Why you been gone so long
Mickey Newbury: Dizzy Lizzy
Mickey Newbury: Apples dipped in Candy
Mickey Newbury: Shenandoah
Mickey Newbury: A weed is a weed
Jefferson Airplane: Embryonic Journey
Jorma Kaukonen: Just because
Danny Barnes: Better times a-comin
Mickey Newbury: Good night

18 Sept 2002

Ghoultown: Killer in Texas
Cary Hudson: Bend me with the river
Railroad Earth: Like a Buddha
Meat Puppets: Never to be a fool
Meat Puppets: Coming down
Meat Puppets: Severed goddess hand
Hillman/Pedersen: Save the last dance for me
Carter Family: No more the moon shines on Lorena
Kev Rusell’s Junker: No more the moon shines on Lorena
Eric Thompson: I can’t explain
Diane Craig: Fortunes told
King Missile: Margaret’s eye

13 Nov 2002

Johnny Cash: I’m so lonesome I could cry
Neko Case: Timber (Virginian)
NC: Porchlight (Furnace room lullaby)
NC: Dreamin man (Canadian amp)
NC: I missed the point (Black listed)
NC: Blacklisted (Black Listed)
Ralph Stanley: Henry Lee
Dick Justice: Henry Lee
John Hartford: Good old electric washing machine
Rex Hobart: Golden ring (w. Kelly Hogan)
Johnny Cash: In my life
JC: We’ll meet again
Cow: No name train
Cow: Goodbye, auf wiedersehn
The Mercury, Austin TX, May 17 2002:
01 My Name Is Jorge
02 Hookie Junk
03 High Highs, Low Lows
04 Jesus Christ with Signs Following
05 Foggy Blossoms (Mechanical Bride)
06 Hell Hounds
07 In The Spring I’ll Bring You Roses
08 2000 Man
09 Hallelujah Shine
10 Plaid Coat
11 Ants on the Melon
12 Big Santiago Bust
13 Ceiling’s Leaking

30 Okt 2002

Los Lobos: Good morning Aztlan
Los Lobos: Tony y Maria
Waco Brothers: AFC Song
Waco Brothers: Better everyday
16 Horsepower. Hatterite mile
16 HP: Single girl
Steve Earle: Shadowland
Steve Earle: John Walker’s blues
Lee Hazlewod: Run boy run
Calexico: Sundown, sundown
St Thomas: The railroad
Ryan Adams: Nuclear
Ryan Adams: Tennessee sucks
Evan Dando & Sabrina Brooke: Summerwine
Micky Newbury: Frisco depot

27 nov 2002

Jon Rauhouse. The Lonely Bull
Grievous Angels: Don’t Die While I’m Alive
Jon Rauhouse: Summer Samba
Rusticators:Walking In The Loneliness
Chieftains: Down The Old Plank Road (w. Hiatt, Fleck, O’Brien, Jeff White)
Steve Earle. Paddy On The Beat
Jon Langford:Youghal
Chieftains: Rain And Snow (w. Del McCoury Band)
Tom Russell: Mary Clare Malloy
Tom Russell: Patrick Russell
Mekons: Trimdon Grange Explosion
Bap Kennedy: Vampire
Bap Kennedy: Dirty Old Town
Steve Earle: Connemera Breakdown
Chieftains: Katie Dear (w. Gilian Welch & David Rawlings)

11 dez 2002

Shiners: Hurricane Blues
Terry Clarke: Mayo Mambo
Nick Cave: Stagger Lee
Frank Hutchinson: Stackalee
Rex Hobart: I don’t feel it anymore
Shiners: Mr Scarecrow
Lucero: I’ll just fall
Motikat: Long prairie
Alison Krauss: baby now that I found you
Alison Krauss: We hide and seek
Catherine Irwin: Will you miss me
Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis: Pack up your sorrows
Peter Rowan: Take me back to the range
Susan Alcorn: Amazing grace
Cary Hudson, Orange Blossom Special, Beverungen, May 19th 2002
/ August afternoon / God don’t never change / Butterfly / Bend with the wind / Lakeside / High heel sneakers / By your side / Soul sister / 8 ball blues / Blue canoe11 Poppa / Wink / Black dog

25 Dez 2002

Hank Williams Special
Waco Brothers: Folsom Prison Blues
Calling you
Carter Family: Wabash Cannonball
Pan American
Move it on over
Lovesick blues
Lost on the river
Rootie Tootie
Long gone lonesome blues
Cold cold heart
Kaw liga
Your cheatin heart
I’ll never get out of this world alive

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