04 Jan 2000

Grateful Dead: Uncle John’s Band
Leftover Salmon: Troubled Time
String Cheese Incident: Resume Man
Old and in the way: Wicked path of son
SCI.How mountain girls can love
SCI: Good times around the bend
Tim O’Brien: Land’s end
SCI: Land’s end
SCI: 100 year flood
Steve Kinnock: Steel guitar rag
LOS. Dance on your head
SCI: Road home
Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions: In the jailhouse now
Bill Monroe: Blue Yodel No. 9
Additional songs:
Ned Sublette: Ghost Riders
Volebeats: Shanon
Andy Roberts:Gig Song
Andy Roberts:Homegrown
Tom Russell: Sitting Bull in Venice
Coal Porters: Don’t fence me in

30 Mai 2000

Jazz n Country
01. Jimmy Rodgers: Gambling Bar Room Blues
02. Bob Wills: Big Beaver
03. Bill Monroe: 16 Back or push
04. Django Reinhardt: Out of nowhere
05. Grisman, Garcia: Thrill is gone
06. Bad Livers: 8 National blues
07. Bill Frisell: Gimme a holer
08. Bill Frisell: Keep your eyes open
09. Bela Fleck: First light
10. Bela Fleck: System Seven
11. PVC: 1 Home in San Antone
12. Devil in a woodpile: Whistle gait
13. Victoria Wiliams: Allergic Boy
14. Jerry Douglas: Like it is
15. Olu Dara: Kiane
16. Johny Dowd: Worried Mind
17. Charlie Christian: Honeysuckle Rose
18. Buddie Emmons: Dardanella
19. Bob Neuwirth: First time (99 Monkeys)
20. Bob Neuwirth: First Time (Havanna)
21. Peter Rowan: On the blue horizon
22. Bad Livers: The legend of sawbust boogers
23. Mekons: Last Weeks Of The War
24. Dirt Ball: Whiskey and wild women
25. Eric Hisaw: Down the road


Older Playlist “American Roots Music”
Since 1999 I did a few shows for Radio Unerhört Marburg, a local radio station, called American Roots Music too. Thanks to Hans Settler, for giving me the opportunity.

AUG 2000
01 Neil Young: Good to see you
02 Cary Swinney: Country music music
03 Jeff Talmadge: That doesn’t mean I don’t love you
04 Bill Passalacqua: Chloe and caity
05 Bill Passalacqua: Dream vacation
06 Kenny Meeks: Tell my angel
07 Neil Young: Daddy went walkin
08 Neil Young: Buffalo Springfield again
09 Neil Young: Home on the range
10 Neil Young: Dead Man track 3
11 Neil Young: Four strong winds
12 Neil Young: Bound for glory
13 Neil Young: Shots
14 Neil Young: Southern Pacific
15 Neil Young: Thrasher
16 Neil Young: New Mama
17 Bongwater: Mr. Soul
18 Dinosaur jr. Lotta love
19 Sonya Hunter: Expectiung to fly
20 Rich Hopkins: Like a hurricane
21 James Rider: Always something wrong
22 Bo Reynolds: San Antonio Christmas
23 Bo Reynolds: Blue bonnet toast
24 Terri Hendrix: My own place
25 Cary Swinney: Joey, Abdul and me
26 Mary Gauthier: Drag queens in limousines
27 Stacey Earle: Must be love
28 J.D. Gilmore: Georgia Rose

09 Aug 2000

Alternative Country?? First Show on EVW
00 Sadies: Dying is easy
01 Uncle Tupelo: New Madrid
02 Uncle Tupelo: Postcard
03 Wilco: I must be high
04 Son Volt: Windfall
05 Jayhawks: Miss Williams Guitar
06 Golden Smog: Pecan Pie
07 Neal Casal:The New Jenny Jenkins
08 Big In Iowa: Neil’s on the radio
09 Rich Hopkins: Like A Hurricane
10 Byrds: Life in Prison
11 Flying Burrito Brothers: Sin City
12 Cary Swinney: Country music music
13 Steve Earle: Another Town
14 Jon Langford: Nashville Radio/Death of Country Music 11:13

06 Sept 2000

Special: Bloodshot Records 5 year anniversary 2000
Meat Purveyors: Sunshine
01 Moonshine Willy: Turn The Lights Down Low
02 Richard Otey:If I Find A River
03 Rich Hopkins: Red River Salmon
04 Rich Hopkins interview
05 Love: Hey Joe
06 Rich Hopkins: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
07 Moby Grape: Omaha
08 Rich Hopkins: Tre Amigos
09 Brooklyn Cowboys: Jukebox Girl
10 Western Electric: Faithless Disciples
11 Sally Timms: Blue Eyes Crying In Th Rain
12 Johnny Cash: Dirty Egg-Sucking Dog
13 Andre Williams: Glue

04 Okt 2000

Special: Planetary Records and Take Root Festival in Assen
Burnt Taters: Explanation
Used Carlotta: Nobody Knows But Me
Gerry Laverty: Find A Little Out
John McEuen & Jimmy Ibbotson: Dance Little Jean
Robert Otey: Sonando en Azylan
Chris Mills: Napkin In A Wine Glass
Split Lip Rayfield: Freckled Faced Liza Jane
Tish Hinojosa: Highway Calls
Steve Earle: Steve’s last ramble
Jason Ringenberg: Trail of tears
Damon Bramblett: Falling apart
Waco Brothers: Walking On Hell’s Roff Looking At The Flowers
Dirt Ball: Whiskey And Wild Women

29 Nov 2000

Looking back on 2000 : Shows and CDs
Mekons: Neglect
String Cheese Incident: Shenandoah Breakdown
Billy Bragg & Wilco: My flying saucer
Neil Young: Powderfinger
Rank and File: Amanda Ruth
Bedlam Rovers: Wallow
Ramsay Midwood: Chicago
Bad Livers: The legend of sawdust boogers
Waco Brothers: Circle tour
Billy Bragg & Wilco: California Stars
Jimmy Dale Gilmore: Ripple

01 Nov 2000

including Gourds interview
Slobberbone: Lazy Guy
Marah: It’s only money, Tyrone
Gourds: El Paso
Gourds interview
Gourds: Pickles
The Fayetteville Flash: Cotton Eyed Joe
FSK: Elke Sommer’s Territory band
Ryan Adams (Whiskeytown): To be young
Tarbox Ramblers: STEWBALL
Duane Jarvis: Ordinary Man
Johnny Dowd: Big Wave
Gurf Morlix: Dan Blocker
Doug Sahm: Texas Me

27 Dez 2000

German Twang (& Dave Alvin)
Fink : Jeder Tag
Blasters: Marie Marie
Dave Alvin: King of California
Knitters: Silver wings
Dave Alvin: Shenandoah
COW: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth x)
Butterscotch: Still wondering why x)
J.B. Luis: I wish I was your headlice x)
Hitchin Post: Tell me why
Buddy and the Huddle: Port Huron, Detroit and back
Handschlag: Wenn du tanzt x)
Thee Watzloves: Mighty way x)
Gilian Welch/ Allison Krass/Emmylou Harris: Didn’t leave nobody but the baby
Terry Garland: Going down slow
x) of XXS-Sampler: Land of the kantri giants

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