07 Jan 2004 Scott Miller: Second chance (Upside downside)Eric Westbury: Wise man watching (Burnt Tongues and blue truths)Joan Baez: Caleb Meyer (Dark chords on a big guitar)Steve Earle: Christmas in Washington (Just an american boy)Great Speckled Bird: Long long time to get old / Rio grande (same title – 1969)DM Bob and the Deficits: Name game (Cajun Creole Hot nuts)South San Gabriel: Ninety secretaries down (Songs/Music)Mekons: Work all week / The building / Never been in a riot (Punk Rock)Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel: White birch (Oh the stories we hold)David Childers: Room#23 (Room #23)Missouri: Every single day ( it’s a glow-in-in-the-dark good time) 21 Jan 2004 Gourds: Are you ready for the country? (live)Rick Shea: Summerwine (Our Shangri-La)Eagle-Eye Cherry, Vernon Reid & James Blood Ulmer: Down in Mississippi ((VA. The soul of a man)Richard Dobson: A river will do (a river will do)Richard Dobson: Homemade kites (a river will do)Magokura […]


08 Jan 2003 Camper van Beethoven: Where the hell is BillDusty Gray:Howlin for my darlingDag King: Leaving this townFoghorn Stringband: Roving Gambler/Jaybird in the ashbrookGourds: HellhoundsLinda Tompson: Nine stone rigLinda Thompson: Weary lifeHearts and Flowers: The view from ward 3Hearts and Flowers: When I was a cowboyBob Dylan. Love minus zero / NO limitBob Dylan: SaraCamper van Beethoven: Border skaCamper van Beethoven: Take the skinheads bowlingSusan Alcorn: Amazing Grace 22 jan 2003 Mississippi John Hurt: FrankieTaj Mahal: My creole BelleMJH: Coffee bluesMudBoy and the Neutrons: Split pea shellJames Luther Dickinson: The ballad of Billy and OscarJLD: Home sweet homeJLD& Chuck Prophet: Across the borderlineKentucky Colonels:Hard heartedAlejandro Escovedo: 13 yearsInterviewAE: Pale blue eyesCastanetsRosalieRoots live:Alejandro Escovedo: Bramsche, Dec8th, 2002 plus interviewWave5 hearts breakingRhapsodyEverybody loves meSexbeatCrooked frameFollow you downI don’t need youPissed off 2 am 19 Feb 2003 Neko Case & Sadies: Rated XRyan Adams: Goodbye honey3D: In einem angesagten club (In a […]


09 Jan 2002 Bloodshot 2001 Asylum Street Spankers: Winning the war on drugsWayne Hancock: Old man winter’s gonna rock n roll tonightKelly Hogan: Speedfreak lullabyNeko Case: Alone and forsakenSadies: The last of the goodYayhoos: What are we waiting forSons of the Pioneers: Bound for the Rio GrandeAlejandro Escovedo: CastanetsSplit Lip Rayfield: Kiss of deathTrailer Bride: Ghost of Mae WestRobbie Fulks: Burn on love fireAsylum Street Spankers: OrionNew:Spigot: Mending the netsRobert McCreedy: Something’s wrongJune Star: Felled 23 jan 2002 Robbie Fulks Liverpool Scene: Burdock River RunRobbie Fulks: The Buck Starts HereRF: She Took A Lot Of Pills And DiedRF: She Must Think I Like PoetryRF: God Isn’t RealRF: Dancing On The AshesRF: Real MoneyRF: Wedding Of The BugsRF: Fuck This TownBrenda Freed: My Human Loves MeBrenda Freed: Don’t Let The Sun Go DownRice, Rice, Hillman, Pederson: Things We Said TodayPentangle: Train Song 06 Feb 2002 Sopwith Camel: Hello helloJolene: Drown in […]


24 Jan 2001 incl. an interview with Chris JonesThe Lune: A woman and a deadmanGeronimo Trevino III: Mach man from taco landChris Jones: Slave RockChris Jones: The last nailMatt Combs:Big SciotaJuarez: Lupe (Reno)Area Code 615: John HenryPistol Arrows: Down Highway 9Robbie Fulks: Fuck this townBuddy Miller: Nothing can stop meTwang: Light my fireCow: Move it on home 21 feb 2001 Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys: It’s my turnScrimshanders: So longSouthern Culture On The Skids: VenusPlainsong: Lost JohnPlainsong: I can’t explainSusana Baca: Tu miracle y mi vozJohnny Bond: Oklahoma HillsHank Penny: Big footed SamNancy Apple: Draw the linePistol Arrows: Mr. ValentineGary Gerloff: The camp at 2324Mickey Newbury: Frisco depotWaco Brothers: The harder they fallEscovedo: Irene WildeBuick McKane:Black shiny beast 21 März 2001 Special: Gene Clark Byrds: Eight miles highGene Clark: One in a hundredByrds: Set you free this timeDillard & Clark: Train leaves here this morningGene Clark& Carla Olson: Gypsy […]


04 Jan 2000 Grateful Dead: Uncle John’s BandLeftover Salmon: Troubled TimeString Cheese Incident: Resume ManOld and in the way: Wicked path of sonSCI.How mountain girls can loveSCI: Good times around the bendTim O’Brien: Land’s endSCI: Land’s endSCI: 100 year floodSteve Kinnock: Steel guitar ragLOS. Dance on your headSCI: Road homeMother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions: In the jailhouse nowBill Monroe: Blue Yodel No. 9SCI: MLTAdditional songs:Ned Sublette: Ghost RidersVolebeats: ShanonAndy Roberts:Gig SongAndy Roberts:HomegrownTom Russell: Sitting Bull in VeniceCoal Porters: Don’t fence me in 30 Mai 2000 Jazz n Country01. Jimmy Rodgers: Gambling Bar Room Blues02. Bob Wills: Big Beaver03. Bill Monroe: 16 Back or push04. Django Reinhardt: Out of nowhere05. Grisman, Garcia: Thrill is gone06. Bad Livers: 8 National blues07. Bill Frisell: Gimme a holer08. Bill Frisell: Keep your eyes open09. Bela Fleck: First light10. Bela Fleck: System Seven11. PVC: 1 Home in San Antone12. Devil in a woodpile: Whistle gait13. […]


04 Mai 1999Posted on 4. Mai 1999 by nobbyMekons: Last DanceWaco Brothers: Arizona RoseHandsome Family: King who wouldn’t smileCarter Family: Jimmy Brown the newsboySally Timms: Long black veilBukka White: Parchman FarmWaco Brothers: Revolution BluesHank Williams: Alone and forsakenMekons: Alone and forsakenTexas Rubies: Texas JalapenosAlejandro Escovedo: With these handsJerry Douglas: TakarasakaWaco Brothers: Death of country musiRico Bell: Burn world burnMekons: Last dance (reprise)